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I'm planning taking pharmacology, statistics, pathophysiology and chemistry lecture and lab.will this be too much to handle. Have any one done this before. I don't want to set myself to failure,... Read More

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    I almost had a panic attack just reading your course schedule. It will depends on how strong of a student you are and if you can handle these more demanding classes. Did your advisor advise against this? I would hope so, because that seems INCREDIBLY difficult. I the amount of studying you will have to do for all those classes will be insane. Patho was a lot of memorization. I had to study quite a bit for that class. Pharm takes a lot if studying. I would definitely advise you to take two of those science classes out. My friend took Patho and Pharm in the same semester and she failed pharmacology and barely passed pathophysiology. She was also taking a nursing course, too. Nobody can tell you what will be too hard or too much for you, but that course load would require a tremendous amount of work and effort.
    I'm terrified. I think I'm pushing beyond my limit. At the same time.I have to finish all this classes my first semester and I can take it over the summer. I have no chemistry background, so am going to take it over the summer time.
    I want it to be alone no confusion with other topics. I want to be able to understand. If it was your schedule how would you do it? I'm going to
    Put in my all. I also think I'm going to enjoy all the class except chem. I don't no I'm so confuse. Can you tell. I'm all over the place. But I know one thing. Once January 13 comes. Be a happy pre-nursing student, with a positive attitude and ready to kick pharm,chem butt ect.