Who is starting their Pre-reqs this summer or fall?

  1. HI everyone My name is dorise and I am 20 years old. I have a 3 year old son and we live in the twin cities. I will be starting my pre-reqs this May and I will be taking colleg reading/Intro to algerbra/Gen. Psyc.

    I wanted to start a thread for all the newbies to pre-reqs

    we can never have enough encourgement and support
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  3. by   Glimmer
    hi dorise!

    my name is alnee... i am 21 and have just started in on the lifelong journey (as i like to call it!). i have 9 credits/3 classes that would transfer over for pre-reqs but otherwise i am starting out this summer after taking a year off school to figure out exactly what i wanted to be when i "grew up"...

    in order to keep my insurance i will have to be a full time student for the summer... which means taking at least 12 credits (and they have to be within my major's limitations which is pre-nursing).... :selfbonk: i really think i have lost my mind!!!!

    so my summer schedule looks like it is going to look like this:

    monday & wednesday
    9-1:30 med term (5 wks)
    7-9:45 a&p for the healthcare professional lecture (10 wks)

    tuesday & thursday
    8-10:50 sociology (8 wks)
    2-4:45 ethics (8 wks)
    7-9:45 a&p lab

    i have submitted my application but i fully expect for it to be rejected for not completely enough classes yet... so this fall i will finish up the last 2 pre-reqs (microbiology and student orientation) and then will apply to the nursing program again next year if i do not get in. if by some freak chance i do get in this time around i will take micro in the spring and student orient. in the fall.

    good luck in your studies!!
  4. by   seneca-BSN-student
    Hi! I'm 25 years old from NY. I've been working full-time for four years (non-health related) since I graduated in '01 with a A.S. in liberal arts. So, I guess nursing will be my second career. I've been wanting to go back to school for about two years now. The sorry state of my marriage is what drove me back...long story.

    So anyway, I have some nursing pre-reqs from when I was younger (A&P I, lots of Psychology). I'm currently taking Intro to Chem this semester. I have to take Intro to Organic & Biochemistry during the summer and A&P II this fall. I'm hoping to fit in my computer and philosophy requirements too. Lots of work! I'm in an accelerated BSN program, so I should be done in late 2008. I have to go to school part-time, otherwise I'd be done a little sooner. Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   LitLNeedL
    Yes, Doris..I feel your pain....starting Monday with prereq Chemistry...after a BS in Dietetics..over the 5 year mark and it's back to square one!!!
    I have 4 children and it will be very very busy for me and you.

    Do you have lots of support? I will be praying for you...wish you the best, you are brave! Mary
  6. by   dorisemoore1
    Hey girl!
    I see you have your hands full too...glad to know I'm not alone. I am working on the "Support" thing with his daddy...we might wind up together....again. But n-way keep those chemisty notes I have to take it in August. Good luck with your studies

    from the twin cities
  7. by   NurseWendi
    I'm 26 and I'll be starting my pre-reqs this fall I'm really excited and I kind of wish that I would have tried to start things this summer :chuckle

    My hubby and I are both excited and I'm hoping to get excepted into the nursing program at my school in Jan. 2006. (I didn't get in for the fall I think it's due to no science classes to transfer in )

    I'm sure we're all gonna do great if we all hang in there :smiley_aa
  8. by   Plagueis
    I'm also "officially" starting my prereqs this summer. I've already taken English 101, 102, History, Phys. Ed, and currently Psychology. Those classes are for my liberal arts degree, but they can be applied to the nursing degree, as well. This summer I'll be taking Medical Terms, and possibly Sociology, and I'm hoping to get into Anatomy 1 this fall. Anatomy closes quickly, though, so it'll be tough to get in. I wish everybody the best!
  9. by   dorisemoore1
    Hey tommybabe
    I was wondering if you could give me any heads up on the Psyc. Are you taking Gen. Psyc and if so I will be taking it this summer and it is a 4 week course...yikes! so any advice will be great

    and good luck your studies
  10. by   Plagueis
    Quote from dorisemoore1
    Hey tommybabe
    I was wondering if you could give me any heads up on the Psyc. Are you taking Gen. Psyc and if so I will be taking it this summer and it is a 4 week course...yikes! so any advice will be great

    and good luck your studies
    I'm taking my Gen. Psych class online this semester. I like the class a lot. This
    class is about therapies, phobias, discrimination, drugs, and there was actually a section about anatomy and physiology of the brain! The book my class is using is called Mastering the World of Psychlogy. Workwise, my class
    has 5 papers and 7 tests, so it's a lot of work. I don't know if I could take this particular class in a 4 week session, as I wouldn't want to do 5 papers in 4 weeks! I don't know how much my experience will help you, since I go to school in Jersey, and class content depends on the professor and the textbooks that are used. However, despite the workload, I actually think the subject is easy to understand. (Way better than Intermediate Algebra!) Good luck to youl, too.
  11. by   futureRNBeth
    Hi everyone, my name is Beth, and I live near Pittsburgh, PA. I'm 36 years old and the mother of 1 boy 5 1/2, and 2 girls 1 is 3 and the other is 17 months old. I have finally decided to go back to school, to become a RN. :uhoh21: This is a little scarry for me since I've been out of any kind of schooling since 1990, but I'm very excited about the whole thing, I can't wait. . . . am I nuts or what? :chuckle I have lots of support from my husband and family though, and I'm determined and a very hard worker! I start this summer with pre-reqs. :hatparty: It's going to be rough with 3 young children, but I know quite a few people who have done it, and I know that I can too! We'll have to all chat often and help each other out. I'm glad I found this web-site, I'm sure that it will be a much needed support over the next 2 1/2 years and then some! BEST OF LUCK & HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!
  12. by   dorisemoore1
    Hey beth
    Congrats on going back to school. You do have your hands full with your little ones but like you said others did you can too. Sometimes I have to tell myself that also b/c I have 2 year old and i'm 20 years old. I been switching colleges back and for and haven't stuck with any that I started. NOW I am making a stand to start on my dreams. I kinda always felt no one who's how i feel and why bother but since I found this website I feel alot more confident. Touch base with me if you need to vent or just talk.

    Happy Easter!
  13. by   Seadreams
    Hi! I'm 23 from Cleveland and making a career change from a medical programmer to obviously RN I'm really excitted and although I have some pre-reqs done, I consider this the beginning of my RN journey. When do classes start for you guys? Mine start May 23rd and although I'm taking two online courses, I also have two sciences this summer. A&P I and Intro to Inorganic. This August my apps go out for nursing school and I'm a little nervous. My big goal is to get into a nursing school at the hospital that I've worked at as a medical programmer. I've got a few others though as back-up.

    Oh Yeah! I'm also a mom (wife to a very supportive husband too) to two little ones: a 2 year old and a 6 month old. I'm a firm believer that it can be done!

    But here's to group support!
  14. by   dorisemoore1
    Hey guys, I am glad to see the i'm not the only one going to school>smile. I start May 24 with reading/Intro alergra and in july i start Gen Psyc. I can't wait!! Whos else is feeling anxious?