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:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: My name is Crissy I just transferred from a community college where I recieved my AS in Paralegal studies. I really wanted to go into a field... Read More

  1. by   Chris2002
    Crissie, I had a TOUGH time with math as well. I started out at basic pre-algebra and I just took the final today. It wasnt that bad AT ALL ! I'm sure I got somewhere around a B or B+ in the class. I was so scared when I got started with it, but I did it anyway and it was just fine. I had friends help and I went to the math lab for extra help. Now, I am actually going to take college level math course next semester (Spring). I dont have to take it but, I want to. I withdrew once and got a D years ago. That was then and this is now. And I know I CAN DO it ! And if I can do it so can you, trust me ! ! !
  2. by   crissiepooh
    Thats funny I had to take that pre algebra course too. It was not bad though. Finding this site and having everyone give me advice really helped me make my decision. I registered today for my prereq's for nursing I should start the actual program next semester hopefullly.
  3. by   GooeyRN
    Welcome! Don't let the math scare ya. It's nothing compared to algebra, honest! Good luck meeting your dreams and goals!
  4. by   Chris2002
    Honestly, I was happy to read on this site that not that much math is required to be a nurse. That really would have made me question my ability to go thru with all this. But, thank God there isnt a lot apparently. Hopefully, I will get my letter in March saying I got in. Til then, I have to wait. So, we'll have to see....