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Greetings! I need to immediately enroll in A&P to position myself for 2008 enrollment...any recommendations appreciated. Thanks for your guidance!!!... Read More

  1. by   flynntastic
    Im currently in Bio 111 right now (just college biology) since its a prereq to micro. Ive heard that you can get around the prereq very easily, but thought that I better take it anyways since I havent had Bio since high school (in 2000) and didnt do all that well then.

    So far I like CCCOnline, I just wonder how its going to be taking A&P I and Micro at the same time... Oh well, I guess that it will be a good 'prep' for nursing school.
  2. by   Sarah Bellum
    I took A&P 1 and 2 online through edukan, both good experiences. Make sure the nursing school you want to go to will accept online credits. The school I originally applied to would take them, but I've since changed my mind and the new school I'm applying to now will accept online credits BUT NOT not online labs so I'm taking A&P over again.:angryfire The upside is I should do pretty well without a whole lot of effort!

  3. by   isalassiei
    I am currently taking A&P1 online at EDUKAN...per the recommendation of other students here on allnurses. I couldn't imagine taking Micro at the same time, plus my working 30 hrs/ week. The A&P takes me around 20 hours a week to do.
    I did have a problem at the beginning of this semester with EDUKAN...I had submitted an assignment and you get this popup that says something like "submitted successfully". Well, teacher said I submitted an assignment with no attachment, was then directed to call, tech support, which looked at the same page I was looking at that said no assignment submitted, and said "says here you didnt submit an assignment"...then went on to say that I shouldn't trust THEIR popup that says submission successfull. I guess I am still harboring some animosity...but in the event of a technical problem, the doubt, I feel, should go to the student. I never did get credit for the work...nor did I get help from administration. For the money we pay, I expected better service and attention.
  4. by   ConnieNTX
    I'm not sure where you are located but I do know that the DCCCD offers online courses through it's 'telecollege'. I took A&P I and II back to back over the summer. Each course was 4 weeks, then we had a week break and went the second summer semester for only 4 weeks and got it done!