Where can i take a CNA class for certification...so confused.....

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    I'm a pre-nursing student living in central mass and just working while i wait to hear if ive been accepted to the numerous schools I've applied to. I have been trying to find a job working in a hospital setting and although i have lots of experience (have worked at a nursing home as an aide for a year now, have been trained by many instituions where I used to work passing meds, med transcriptions, etc) most hospitals require a cna cert. Where besides the Red Cross would i sign up for the class and or exam? I am so confused on how to go about getting it in my area. Please help....
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  3. by   rayofsunshine
    The community college where I live offers the CNA classes. I think it's a series of classes that last about a summer long. You should check with the community colleges in your area. Also, hospitals might offer classes as well.
  4. by   bethin
    Try nursing homes. That's how I got my CNA. I was paid for classwork and paid when I was a student on the floor. The state came in and I passed my test, applied at a hospital and got the job all within 2-3 months.

    Be careful when choosing nursing homes. Some don't care about the residents and you don't want to get started with that. There are community colleges that have CNA classes but since I didn't take my classes there I can't comment on them.