what's harder...AP1+2 or AP1+stat+speech

  1. Hello everyone!

    I just found out they have a new option at my college...I can take AP1 + 2 in one semester!!! that way i could apply for fall for nursing...but i don't know how hard this would be???? I have heard horrible stories about AP as it is...so any advice???

    otherwise I would sign up for AP1 and statistics and speech....is that doable??

    Thanks for your input guys!!!!!

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  3. by   PurrRN
    My first thought is, How is taking AP1 and AP2 at the same time even possible? AP2 BUILDS on the foundational knowledge of AP1, at least when I took it, it did. However, if your school is allowing this (odd, but whatever), be prepared to devote all of your time to studying, and I do mean ALL of your time. I spent 3-4 hours a night studying for each class (done one at a time), so that may give you a reference of how hard they are. Of course you may not need that much time to study, each person is different. When I took my AP classes, it wasn't just that the class material was overwhelming,(which it was) but that in lab, we didn't have multiple choice questions.......you either knew it or you didn't (and spelling counted....so if even one letter was out of place it was wrong). I submit my experience as just one of many, I'm sure other classes at different schools may be different. Personally I'd go with your second option of AP1, stats, and speech (but that's just me). Good luck with your descison and I hope you do well with whichever path you take.
  4. by   smattles1of2
    Im taking AP1 and stat and I have A's in both classes going into finals. I think it's doable to also add speech. These classes aren't really hard.
  5. by   lostinparadise
    Hi. Thanks for your input:spin:

    I'm sorry, I didn't mean at the same time...I just meant in the same semester, so what they are doing is 8 weeks of AP 1 and then 8 weeks of AP 2.
    I wouldn't take any other classes of course...but I don't know yet...:angryfire It's so hard to make these decisions because you want to get done with your prerqs but you also need good grades at the same time....

    anyways, can you tell me a little bit more about the AP class ? Or even statistics. I wish I would have taken it this fall semester but I was too chicken so now I'm not sure if it's such a great idea to take with AP and speech.
  6. by   PurrRN
    Ahhhhh, now I understand! Well A+P done that way is extremely doable. Not easy (see above about the studying) but doable. If your desire is high and you mentally prepare yourself, you should do fine. Just know that it's the people to "say" they want to go that route, but don't prepare for the hardship that usually fail. Plus if you are working, it's going to be even tougher. The stats class I thought was easier than college algebra. I'm math challenged, got a C in algebra-but a B in stats. The are many formulas to remember, but if you can memorize them you should be golden. The speech class I had was only hard because I made it hard. Just remember that almost everyone hates to get up in front of class and that they are just as scared as your are. I sucked but still managed an A....more than anything I think it was becaused I completed all the assignments to the letter. I hope this helps.
  7. by   lostinparadise
    Intermediate Alebra went really well...got an A but I really busted my butt for it. Math doesn't come very easy to me but I will understand it if I work a little harder...I'm scared of statistics b/c I don't know what to expect. I heard there's a prof who lets you use your books/notes on tests...I don't know if it's true though....
  8. by   PurrRN
    I don't know if all professors let you use notes (with the laws of probability, probably NOT)LOL. But mine did. Some formulas she let us use notes for and some not, but she always told us which ones in advance. I think that's what made me feel more at ease with stats than with college algebra.

    P.S. I'm not joking when I say I'm math challenged!! I had to take 2 pre-algebra refresher courses before I could start with college algebra........and if I don't algebra type stuff for even a little while I have to relearn it all over!!! LOL, I'm not stupid by any means, I just SUCK at math. Oh, well there's always some kind of hurdle to get over isn't there?
  9. by   MB37
    Are stat and speech prereqs for your program? When will you be taking them? If you can apply to nursing school sooner by taking A&P I & II the same semester, by all means do it. Yes it will be hard, but that doesn't mean it isn't doable. It'll be like taking them in a summer semester, which many people do. Go for it!
  10. by   BSNtobe2009
    If the two courses are set up independently...I still wouldn't do it.
  11. by   lostinparadise
    Thanks guys! I have come to the decision to take A&P 1 with stat and speech this semester. In the summer I will be taking A&P 2 by itself.
  12. by   Logos
    Sounds like a good decsion, Stats was hard for me, harder than A&P.
  13. by   lostinparadise

    I just added another class to my schedule, since I won't be working next semester. I now will be taking:

    - Anatomy & Physiology 1
    - Statistics
    - Speech
    - Humanities II