What would your requirements be for Nursing School? - page 2

If you ran a nursing school, what would your requirements be for entrance? Who would be allowed in? Who would not? Think about it. You know what the various requirements are for the different... Read More

  1. by   BSNtobe2009
    1) Drug Test before entrance to the program and right before graduation.
    2) Criminal Background check.
    3) GPA between 3.0 and 4.0
    4) No Entrance Exam if your high school GPA was over 3.0
    5) No Entrance Exam if you already have a degree (either AS or BS)..What's the point?
    6) Essay and Interview...and I would have this weigh the heaviest of all admission standards with a GPA a close second.
    7) Require pretty much the same basic pre-reqs as other nursing schools, but have classes in the evenings so that people who aren't in the program full-time can still work and take one class at a time in order to finish if they wish.
    8) Have a part-time/weekend RN program, so that others can also work and not rack up huge student loans.