What pre reqs should I take together?

  1. Hello, I am currently taking my nursing pre reqs and after this semester I will have 3 science classes together. I need Anatomy, Micro, and Physio. I have been told that I should take one class per semester since there is quite a lot of work in each class. This semester I am taking Bio, Chem, and a Political Science class. I have been managing each class pretty well although it can become a little overwhelming since I also work. My problem is that next semester I need to be full time in school because I have a scholarship that requires that I take a full 12 units and each class that I have left is worth either 4 or 5.

    My question is does any one have experience taking any of those classes together and if so what was your experience like? Also, what classes should I combine. ?

    I want to be able to finish these classes asap and apply for the program soon and if I take one class per semester that will mean that I won't be able to apply for another year and a half and it seems like a long time for just those 3 classes.

    Thank you!
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  4. by   Etak
    I'm in the same boat and decided to stick with one class per. I'm in anatomy now and while I'm doing fine, it's taking SO much of my time to stay on top of it, I honestly don't know how I'd be holding up with other difficult classes going with it. Comparatively, I was an A student in chemistry and spent *maybe* 8 hours per week outside of class for the 5 unit course. Anatomy is a minimum of 4 hours per weekday outside of class and 6-10 hours per weekend average for me to keep a solid A. There's so much repetition and requires constant study, unlike any class I've taken so far.

    Now if I was going to school exclusively and could treat it as my job, I could see another class if that's all I had to do, and my recommendation is based on my own experience as a mom of 5 that has to balance my schedule with everyone else in my family.

    You didn't mention if you are going for an ADN or BSN. I'm planning an ADN-RN route as my most likely path and am looking ahead and taking classes I need for the BSN (stats, English with critical thinking) even though I don't need them until much later. There're also a couple of co-reqs that might be easier to pair with the tougher classes and get them out of the way. So even if there are only your "big 3" left and you need units, maybe you have options.
  5. by   Glucagon
    I took Micro and A&P 2 together and was able to get an A in both. However, I think it depends a bit on how well you grasp science info and what other things you have going on in your life. I probably wouldn't do all three of those together though.
  6. by   alibobali
    I took micro and physio together because it was my last semester and they were the only 2 classes I needed to be done with prereqs. My plan was to take all of them separately, but the previous semester I was unable to get into a physio class because they were all full. I was able to get an A in both. In my opinion, micro was not too difficult. It was just memorization and my professor was great. Physio was very hard for me and I barely scraped by with an A (I had like a 90.2%, phew). I was able to put most of my focus into physio because I realized I wouldn't struggle to get an A in micro. I was also working part time during this semester.

    I would definitely not recommend doing them together, but it is not impossible. If you figure out that you can put more of your time into one class and the other comes more naturally for you, you will do great. If you can afford to take longer, though, I would definitely say to take your time and focus on them each on their own because it is a lot of studying!
  7. by   run_happy
    I took Chem, Micro, and A&P together while working full-time and finished with an A+ in all 3 classes. I personally didn't find it hard at all! You know yourself best, though. Everyone handles coursework differently. If you think you can do it, I say go for it!
  8. by   Bmellin12
    I have also pondered on this very topic. I am going to be taking chemistry along with Anatomy this next semester and I wonder if it would be best to do them each individually. However, I do plan on taking only those 2 classes and not working so that I am able to fully focus on them. I am extremely worried I won't be able to get A's on both classes since they both require a lot of study time. Has anyone who has taken these two classes have any advice for me as far as doing them together and if so any study tips?
  9. by   kvti
    What is A&P?
  10. by   Etak
    Quote from kvti
    What is A&P?
    Anatomy and Physiology. Some schools have both combined in classes that you take over 2 semesters (A&P1 and A&P2) and others just have one in depth semester of anatomy and then one of physio. My school has them separate, it sounds like yours does too.
  11. by   Apollo617
    Next semester I'm taking Chem, Anatomy and Physiology 2, Nutrition and Sociology. I feel your pain. Maybe even more since I work full-time too. Time management and self-care will be essential!