What if my all isn't enough?

  1. Hi there! Quick background information on myself before I ask for guidance with my dilemma. I'm a sophomore attending Wayne State University and to date I have covered my entry level biology class (got an A), gen chem I (got an A), and microbio (got a B+). Now I'm currently enrolled in A&P and gen chem II. Past classes, I had to work extremely hard for those grades, NONE of it came easily for me. Now that I'm taking 2 science courses at once, I'm feeling overwhelmed, like I don't have enough time to cover all the material. I'm probably going to have to retake chem next semester because I'm already off to a bad start. My question is, if I truly am trying my hardest at these classes and I'm unable to do well in both of them at the same time, should I even attempt nursing school? Everyone says the prerequisites are the easiest part about nursing school, if I can't do this, will I be able to succeed in actual nursing school?
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  3. by   StudentN123
    Hello there, don't go into the "quitting" mode. There is still plenty of time this semester for you to succeed. You only have 2 pre-reqs left, and you will be set. I know that perhaps it might seem like you can't do it, but don't doubt yourself! It happens to all of us, and the best thing to do is keep a postive attitude and find an alternative way for you to study. Perhaps try changing your studying habits, look for outside resources (i know youtube has excellent vids) or work less hours? Please do not think that you can't be successful in nursing school, because you have already showed yourself that you are capable of getting high A's and B's as you previously got last semester. With every little challenge that we overcome, we tend to slowly expand our circle of capabilites. I am sure you will suceed in nursing school, as you will be used to your extensive studying. Keep moving foward towards your goal and don't settle out just because you were simply too anxious. I was in the same situation as you when I was taking A&P and Chem, and I decided to drop A&P, because I had a "B" average so far. It was on the skeletal system later that I knew I did horrible probably around a D, so I decided to drop. I later had to take the class all over the next semester. I got an A the second time, but I now realize that perhaps I would of been able to pull of an "A" the first time, since I still had 2 exams left, a few quizzes, and 2 lab practicals. I even later found out that the professor gave out an extra credit opportunity. :-/ Anyway stick to it, and maybe go to office hours to check out your previous exams. What is the material that you quite didn't grasp? In science it's important to not get behind because, everything haunts you down from the beginning. I also recommend forming study groups talk to those A students in your class, and let them know you are very hardworking. Study groups are an excellent tool to share resources, and feel more comforting in class. When you feel more comforting, you feel much more confident in participating in class and asking questioons! Good Luck!
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  4. by   RNtobe2016
    Don't think that you can't get through nursing school! I'm taking A&P I right now and can imagine how hard taking that and Chemistry course is. But don't give up because you will get through it. It helps to take it one day at a time. Plan out each day what you want to do for the classes and set aside study time. Also, if your textbook comes with CDs or online help use it! They are so helpful. Avoid thinking that you can't make it through nursing school and focus on how badly you want to be a nurse. Let that be your motivation. Ask your professor for help and tell him or her how you're feeling. Or you could tell your advisor. They want to see you pass and move on in the nursing curriculum not drop out. I wish you the best if luck and know you can pass!!!! If you ever want any help or want the names of helpful websites or CDs for anatomy just let me know.
  5. by   lolaviex
    You're getting A's and B's! That's not "unable to do well" at all.

    This might sound confusing but it makes sense in my head so I'll try to share it. When I took my first Bio 101 course, I finished with an A- but I thought it was the absolute hardest thing I'd ever done. Then I moved on to A&P and Microbiology and I thought THEY were the hardest classes ever. During my first semester of nursing school, it was so difficult I thought I was going to lose my mind. I was wishing I were back in my prereqs, looking fondly back at Bio 101 like it was the easiest thing I'd ever done. Now, in my fourth and final semester, I look back at my Nurs 101 class and it seems like a breeze in comparison. It's all relative to where you are and how far you've come.

    I guess my point is don't give up! It seems incredibly hard now and it is. But you're building your education and your knowledge base. Stick with it, try different ways of learning and studying. Also, having to repeat a class does not make or break what kind of nurse you will be. If you truly want it, stay at it. It's not going to be easy and it shouldn't be. If it were easy, everyone would do it right?