What class do you think is more important to complete prior to applying?

  1. I'm planning my summer and fall semester prior to applying to BSN programs in the fall in the San Fransisco Bay area. I have straight A's this semester and need only to complete Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology (my city college as Anatomy and Physio separate), Intro to Psychology, one half of Intermediate Algebra (I'm doing as a self paced class over two separate semesters) and Statistics.

    My plan was this...

    Summer '13
    2nd 1/2 Intermediate Algebra


    I was hoping to fit it all in this year what I had planned for my summer schedule is looking like I will not be able to take my other half of my Algebra course with Microbiology at the same time. The times overlap unfortunately.

    I'd like to get this all done over this year as I apply to programs late this year and next spring. Most schools allow at least 1 non-science course in progress. My question is do you think it's terribly detrimental to have Statistics completed or in progress in the fall as I apply?

    If anyone has any insight into prerequisite completion for Bay area programs I'd be grateful for the insight. There are transfer info sessions coming up soon that I'll be attending. Just trying to plan my schedules in the meantime.
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  3. by   lauraline
    I also live in the Bay Area. But I have finished statistics already. So I'm not sure how having it "in progress" works.

    Where are you applying to? Have you tried UCB Extension classes? They have "continuous enrollment" classes online. So you could start with Statistics or Psych now and finish in 3 months maybe? I don't know if that could help rearrange your schedule so you can fit algebra in or not . And it would overlap with your Summer a little but maybe it's do able since its online? Just an idea.

    Here's the description of how it works:

    Continuous enrollment courses are offered year-round, and you can enroll anytime. Most continuous enrollment courses can be completed in a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months from the date of enrollment, unless otherwise stated in the course description. Look for "Online, enroll anytime" to find continuous enrollment courses in the course catalog.
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  4. by   cnoto34
    I personally would not take all those classes together I fall... But I worked and have kids to tend to...
  5. by   mswtruth
    The recommendation to take the UCB online extension courses sounds like a great way to get a few general end requirements out of the way. Have you taken a course through UCB Extension before? Or know anyone who has? Its not cheap...around $700 a class. I want to make sure its something worth my while. I do have 3 weeks prior to summer classes and 3 prior to fall classes where I could really use that time to do the bulk of a statistics course. Do you think its worth taking on?

    I'm not concerned about a heavy load as I took Biology, Nutrition and a heavy Chemistry course this semester along with 2 labs and half a math class and am still carrying A's in all courses. I do have a 3 year old but I have a lot of help and work a very sparing online job part time I easily can arrange around my schedule.

    If I can get all the above done this year I can apply to BSN programs late this fall. If not I'll have to wait another year. I think saving a years time to start a nursing program is well worth the effort.
  6. by   alibear27
    As of last year's Nursing info meeting at CSUEB, you could have prereq's in progress through the fall term, but they must be completed by the end of the year that you are submitting your application. I haven't attended this year's info session yet so it could be changed. It is important to stay on top of the various schools you are interested in as all of the schools have been ramping up their requirements over the last couple of years, and many changes are happening from year to year depending on the school.

    If you think you can handle the course load, go for it! Any GE's like Psych you should try to take online and it will make things lots easier for you.
  7. by   alibear27
    PS you need all these courses so they are all equally important. CSUEB also requires O-chem/Biochem if you have not already had it.