West coast university questions

  1. I posted this in a comments sections because so many people are talking about how expensive West Coast University is, but it's a lot cheaper than the other programs around me.
    So I don't understand why everyone is acting like this school is so expensive. There is only one community college in my area, the Bay Area, that offers a nursing degree and its only an Aa and they only accept 60 out of 300 applicants once a year. So very unpractical odds of getting accepted.
    The other option is state or private schools. I went to Dominicans meeting and they told me they were 55,000 a semester for 6 semesters, that's the most expensive I've seen at about $330,000. The cheapest state school I have come across is cal state east bay and their program is $25,000 a semester for 5 semesters after you transfer with your pre reqs finished totaling about $125,000. That makes the cheapest program this school. west coast University after pre reqs it's a little less than $100,000.
    I'm a little confused. I was looking at this school as the cheapest option I could find..
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  3. by   MyAimIsTrue
    Your numbers are way, way, way off. CSUEB is about $2600/quarter (not sure how much semesters will be), so the 3 year BSN program is a little more than $20,000. I seriously doubt that Dominican is $330,000 for a bachelor's degree. That would make it the most expensive university in the nation. By a lot. And there are tons and tons of Bay Area community colleges that offer nursing. CCSF, Merritt, Ohlone, College of Marin, etc, etc, etc. There are other state schools as well--SFSU, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Sac State, SJSU. Where on earth did you get your information?!