Ways to get patient-care experience before nursing school? - page 2

The only pre-requisites I have left to apply to nursing programs are science (I have a previous bachelors so some stuff transferred). Since I also need A's in these courses, for me this means taking... Read More

  1. by   jess.mont
    I volunteer as a hospice family caregiver. I don't do hands-on patient care, but I spend time with patients during the last six months of their lives. I felt drawn to hospice work and enjoy the opportunity to see how facilities operate. It's a little hard now that I'm in nursing school because volunteers aren't allowed to change patients, transfer them, toilet, then, feed them, etc. and I do those things at clinical all the time, but I love the work and I can set my own schedule.
  2. by   katarina.s
    I also have some time to work on pre-reqs, and I was considering doing a phlebotomy program. There are a lot of regulations here in California, but for 3k I found a program to do a lecture/lab course for two weeks, and they set you up with an externship afterwards. I think it will be a great way to get experience with venipuncture and working with patients!