USF Master's Entry CNL - Spring 2010

  1. I just applied to USF (CA) CNL program for the non-nurse. Has anyone else applied? Or does anyone know their admission statistics from last spring?
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  3. by   mfrancisco
    I just submitted my application last week. When I went to the informational session they said about 200-250 apply and there are 32 spots.
  4. by   ebowman
    Hello. I am in the process of submitting an application for Summer 2010. I'm nervous! I want to stay in SF but I'm not banking on getting in to a west coast school...Does anyone know what the average student "looks like"? I'm curious if my GPA and background are strong enough to make me a competetive candidate.
    Good luck, everyone!
  5. by   rabitona
    Chances sound slim... Good luck mfrancisco!
  6. by   mfrancisco
    Rabitona, good luck to you, too. HA, sounds very slim, doesn't it? Urgh
  7. by   afrobuddhess
    I also have applied for the MSN CNL for Spring 2010, but I am currently in the 2nd Degree BSN program. I am thinking of changing because the BSN is taking TOO LONG!

    I know a lot of people that apply to USF often don't end up going there due to financial costs, so don't give up. Even out of 200 that apply and those who get in, I bet they will have alternate spots. Plus I heard that the competition for Spring is not as strong as it is for Summer. So that is an upside too!

    Good luck! We'll all need it!
  8. by   nattles
    Hi Everyone... I have just submitted my application for Spring '10 as well! Very excited/apprehensive since I am aware of the competitiveness of these types of programs in the bay area. I would love it if anyone would post any information as they receive it, particularly acceptance/rejection and methods by which they were notified. I will do the same! I think we will have to wait anywhere from four to six weeks....Good Luck to everyone
  9. by   mfrancisco
    Good luck to you nattles....I hope we both get in! I will keep everyone posted. Yes, you are correct. We have six weeks. However, in looking at the threads from last year, people got notified on November 18th!!! Let's hope we hear soon.
  10. by   nattles
    Thanks for the good wishes mfrancisco!! I wish the same towards you!
  11. by   Alison123
    Hey, has anyone heard anything in regards to Spring 2010 Admissions? I think the 4 week marker is this Thursday. Scary.
  12. by   nattles
    I haven't heard anything yet...but judging from the postings from last year it looks like they didn't start notifying anyone till about the 18th of the month. Looks like we have another week or so to wait?!?!
  13. by   afrobuddhess
    Nothing here. But my application page says that the application "went to department" on November 2nd. I have no idea what that means though.
  14. by   rabitona
    Mine said that too. I think its when the graduate department receives all of your paperwork and sends it to the nursing department. Good luck to everyone! This wait is driving me crazy!!!