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  1. Anyone at TJC in Tyler? I am taking A&P I on Monday & Wednesday nights and lab on Monday night. Looking for anyone in same class.

    This is a return to school after several years for me and I intend to utilize all the study support available.

    Also, has Human Growth and Development via Internet. Anyone else?

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  3. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hi Crimson

    I too am a fellow Apache! Nice to see another one on here. I have finished both A&P's and Human Growth, so I can't join you in class, but I did take all 3 online. With A&P, I had Dr. Ott, who I absolutely loved!! She is known to be tough, and somewhat rude, although I never got that from her. She was great. I also had Sweaks for lab on Monday nights. Please tell me that you DO NOT have Schmid?!? Oh, she was awful!! I ended up transferring out of her class. Nobody could understand her class. As far as Human Growth, I had Ivy. She was great also, as she was my first online teacher, but she does have a lot of work for you to do. Someone to take for Intro to Psych is Frank Glenn online. His course is a breeze. I made an easy A without cracking the book. Matter of fact, I sold it a week after classes started. I hear he is also the same way for Human Growth. Good luck with your classes. I have finished all my pre reqs and am taking pre reqs to transfer to UTT eventually. I am applying to the ADN program this month, so we will see!!! Keep in touch, and I will help all I can~

  4. by   CRIMSON
    Yes, Schmid....there was only 1 night class. So tell me what you didn't like about her. ....LET me know, now I am really anxious.
    I took both a&p I/II several yrs ago and am now just going back to school. First time around I had Dr. Grey and loved her!!I also have Ivy for Human Growth as he was only internet teacher. I will look for Mr. Glenn for psyc, hope to be taking summer II.
  5. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Oh man, I didn't mean to worry you, but, Schmid....yeah, I would worry!! I guess it all depends on how you are as a student. I by no means am a 4.0 student, but I have all A's & B's. The very first test of hers, I made a 69. Which I guess isn't too bad for a first test, not knowing what to study, how she tests, etc. But she was so scatter brained. We did not know what to study. Her notes are online, here is the link- Dr. Schmid's BIOL 2401 Index

    Print them out now and get a head start on them. She doesn't go by her notes, she is all over the place and her tests are a scattered mismash of questions. If she does the same, she will give bonus points the 1st test if you bring in all of your scantrons and all for drawing out and writing about the cell membrane and all of it's components. I actually made an 83 for the 1st test, but it was because of the bonuses. Most people went out of there with 50's and lower. I checked with a friend of mine who stayed in there, and by mid term, she had all failing grades and dropped, as had half the class. IF there is any way for you to take an online class, try for Dr. Ott. I ended up getting Dr. Murphy (department head) to okay me changing 4 weeks into class. I made all A's in Ott's class until the last exam and the final, and I still ended up with an 87 in there. If you don't mind an online class, go by and talk to her, to let her know that you an online class, but she was full, and cicumstances have changed and Schmid's class conflicts with your schedule or something, and ask if you can get into herrs. She does have the power to allow you in even if she is full. And you can tell her that Laura Pike sent you to her!!!!

    Yeah, Dr. Gray is great. I never took her, but she subbed in my lab last semester and she was wonderful. Her class ended up being taught by someone else last semester because she had some health problems, but was back near the end to sub, and everyone was upset that she wasn't the teacher they signed up for. She definitely has the ability to teach and make you understand.

    Glenn will be a great one to take in the summer if he teaches. If you are taking Sociology, though, beware. I was told that Foster was an "easy" class and good teacher, but she was rude and very difficult to deal with. I took her online also, and finished with a B. I was a little upset at that one. She never emailed back and when you could finally get a hold of her, she made you think that you were just wasting her time. She was also so racist. I am white, but not only was she racist toward the blacks and hispanics, but against whites also. That one is just a bad one to take.

    Well, I hope this helps some. Like I said before, if you need any help, just let me know. I am all for helping anyone through this journey. We are all in the same boat!