They've scheduled an interview for me!

  1. Hey Folks!
    I just received my letter from West Central Tech in Waco, GA this morning-I have an interview this Monday for the nursing program!
    I'm so excited!(and nervous!)
    I hope that my friends get in and we can all attend together this fall!
    Thank you Lord!
    Best of luck to all of the other WCTC students on hope to be seeing you all this Fall!!Yay!!!
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  3. by   thumper360
    really, I wonder in what sequence that they are sending out the letters. I didnt get one today and was expecting one since I live right by the school. What were your grades again. This makes me really stressed out now.
  4. by   thumper360
    Oh, yeah. Congrats on the interview, I hope I will see you there. lol.
  5. by   b1017thompson
    Oh-it is too early for you to get nervous! I have a couple of friends with higher scores than me and as of today,they have not heard yet.
    I had a total of 71.5 points-50 for my pre-NLN score and three As, one B, and one C with my grades. I understand that they usually take a couple of weeks to mail out all of the letters. There should be 75 letters going out total. Good luck! I hope to see you in the Fall!
  6. by   thumper360
    That makes me feel a little better, I had a 70.8 I believe, so at least I am close. Good luck at the interview
  7. by   b1017thompson
    Guess what, Thumper!

    I was WRONG about my score-I just looked back at my paperwork.

    My score was actually 70 points overall-I had 2 As, 2 Bs, and a C.

    I transferred the Bs and the C from college back 18 years ago-I kind of forgot what my grades were way back then.

    Anyway, you have a higher score than me, so I am sure that you will get an interview.

    Another friend emailed me a while ago and she got her interview letter today too and she has Monday for her interview as well.

    So be looking in your mailbox!!
  8. by   Blessed2009
    Congratulations b1017thompson. I have my interview on Tuesday. I am excited as well. I wonder how long the individual interviews will last?

    Thumper360, you will receive your interview letter. You have a great score. Good Luck!
  9. by   thumper360
    I hope so, Im still nervous. How long in advance of the deadline did you guys submit your app? Hopefully they sending them out in order that way or something.
  10. by   Blessed2009
    I applied on March 18th. Looking at the envelope, my letter was mailed on April 17th, so there is a possibility that they mailed some letters on Monday and Tuesday.
  11. by   thumper360
    I pray. Did you go to the mock interviews? I went and talked to the conselor last week and she told me I would get an interview for sure. I guess thats why im freaking out. lol
  12. by   Blessed2009
    No, I didn't go for the mock interview. I really don't know what to expect. If you were told you would get an interview, then you will. I am sure you will receive your letter before the end of the week.
  13. by   thumper360
    She also told me that it was basically a formal job interview so you should be ok.
  14. by   thumper360
    Well, you guys arent going to believe this. I didnt receive a letter in the mail today so I went to the school to see what was going on. I let me name and number for Mrs. Harris and she called me back about 2 hours later and said that my letter got mailed off last friday and I should have gotten it because I am within walking distance to school. She said to give it until Monday and if I dont get it, to come to her. And right when I thought she was about to get off the phone she say " I not gonna make you wait until then of course, you have an interview on may 4th". Good grief, i couldnt believe it. That is my luck though. I bet my letter was the only one that got lost in the mail. lol. I am so happy though, I cant wait.