The Pursuit of Nursing and Why I Want To Be A Nurse

  1. From a young age I remember watching my mother prepare for her work day. Her uniform would be laid out, a perfectly ironed set of scrubs, compression socks, nursemate shoes and a white consultation jacket with her hospital badge clipped to the front pocket. I would watch her apply her makeup and clip her hair back. When she was all finished, we would get in her car and head over to the hospital where my father would met us. I would hug and kiss my mother goodbye before she would go into the hospital and I can remember thinking how wonderful it must have been to work there each day taking care of patients and being there for them.

    As the years passed by my passion and excitement would grow hearing about the exciting things she would see and do, the lives that she would touch, how fulfilling of a career it was. My mother came from a line of health care professionals, many of whom are nurses who immigrated from the Philippines for a better life. I want to carry on the tradition of professional nursing in my family. I am currently working at a local clinic that specializes in rheumatology and am on the waitlist for nursing school next fall.

    There is nothing that would make me happier than to continue in my education and pursuit of nursing. Each day I go to work I fall more and more in love with patient care and learning. I am grateful for the opportunity to make even a small a difference in someone's day because I know that seeing doctors and going in for testing can be stressful. I want to be a nurse to be an advocate for the patient, to be the set of hands to hold when one needs comfort, to be the feet to help carry someone when they don't have the strength, to be the smile when someone feels their spirits are low. I feel that being a caring and gentle helper to comfort someone and be there for them in there time of need can help them endure the rest of their day with a brighter outlook. I make it an every day goal to make someone's day just that must better.
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