The dreaded GRE

  1. Anyone else studying for the GRE???

    It's been a while since I've been in school. The nursing program I'm applying you requires you to take it, so that if you keep your grades up, you can go straight through to NP school.

    This thing is KILLING me!!! Am I the only one fighting this??

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  3. by   MEO82
    Hi! I am taking the GRE in March...haven't started studying yet though. I have heard mixed reviews about it. I take the free online practice tests sometimes while I am at work... but definitely need to study!

    Are you a 2nd degree person? I am looking into a program at UMD that offers an accelerated CNL program for second degree folks...
  4. by   np_wannabe
    Yes--I got my first college degree in 1995. I'm applying to the University of Florida's accelerated BSN program. They only accept 9 students, so the pressure is ON!!!
  5. by   MEO82
    Oh, wow! Good luck - when are you taking it?
  6. by   np_wannabe
    In the next couple of weeks--I think.

    After reading some people's experiences on this board though, I find myself very worried about balancing the accelerated BSN, kids, house stuff...just life.

    I am second-guessing myself and wondering if I should go the LOOONNNGGGG way.....RN to BSN to NP. If I go straight through RN to NP school, I'm looking at 3 years of full-time study (UF is no longer offering the MSN. Only the DNP.) If i start at community college, it'll take 3 years full-time JUST for the BSN!

    being a "grown-up" is so hard sometimes....having to choose between what you WANT to do and what you SHOULD do.....
  7. by   MEO82
    I just PM'd you for fear someone would start an ADN vs. BSN vs. MSN battle!