The Cochran School Of Nursing

  1. Hi Everyone.
    A Friend Of Mine Is Interested In The Cochran School Of Nurisng In New York. She Thinks They Have A Great Evening Program There.
    Does Anyone Have Any Info On Their Program, The Admission Requirements And Any Difficulties Associated With Getting In Or Completing The Program?
    Is Is As Bad As The Cuny Schools For Example?
    Thanks A Lot.
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  3. by   olivia28
    Did you post on the NY thread also? I applied to the Cohcran school, it was my second choice school. I like the environment there, they do have a good evening program. The Jan evening classes are in Manhattan and the Sept evening classes are in Yonkers. I think If you apply early, have over a 3.0 and good NET scores there is no problem getting in. the only complaint I have is the administration is not as cooperative as some of the other schools I have attended or visited, so that was a turn off. the students were very nice and worked together well. Check their website for more info (cochran school of