TEAS testing help

  1. I was wondering if anyone used the TEAS study guide before taking the test? I don't really want to spend $50 on the book if I dont have to. My school offers tutoring and I thought that it would be a good idea to do that first. I'm kind of weak in math but I'm not sure what I need to work on to get a good score. I think that if I can't use a calculator I'll be in big trouble but I want to know how to do it by hand. Does anyone have suggestions. Thanks
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  3. by   mixyRN
    I bought the book and was very glad I did. I felt it prepared me well for formatting of the test, as well as the types of questions to expect. I did feel there was alot in the study guide that wasn't on the test (they can't cover all the material) but there were also questions on the test that the study guide did not prepare me for (but just a few)
    The math portion was easy on content but very tough to finish in the allotted time without a calculator. I am strong on math and barely finished without a sec to spare! Definitely work on as many math probs as you can to build your speed.
    Good Luck!
  4. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    No doublt about it--You need the ATI study guide in order to do well on this test. Spend the money, it's worth it. The test is exactly like the book, just a little easier (like you don't need to do the geometry problem, just know which therom you would use to solve it). Keep in mind that you will need to back solve a lot of the math problems and even make educated guess at some as you will not have enough time to do the math. Calcualtors are not allowed on this test. The Reading portion is easy, don't bother studying that much. Focus on the Math and Science portions, and a little grammer review and you will do fine.
  5. by   jmckeith
    Yeah, I have to take the TEAS test before Jan 20th. Interesting acronym isn't it? Grammer is my weak spot so I did order the study manual. As soon as finals in A&P are over this week, I'll sink myself into the manual.
  6. by   Brown.eyes.83
    My advice would be to buy the book. Since they are the ones making the test, the questions are set up the same. At the same time there is common sense questions ont the test that you cant study for.:wink2: Good luck.
  7. by   madison_nicole
    I'm getting ready to take my test by dec 14th. So would you recommend the book over the online test? In my state we are only allowed to take it once so I have to do well any suggestions?????
  8. by   waka
    any advice for retaking the teas?? was the questions similar on second attempt?
  9. by   BabyJoLPN
    I recommend the Mcgraw Hill"s nursing entrance exam study guide. I received a good score by using this book. Not being able to use calculators on the test is a good thing because the math questions will not be that hard. Good luck!!!