Taking the Teas with ADHD!

  1. Has anyone been allowed more time for the Teas test if you have ADHD? I took it once and did well on everything but the math. Scored 57% needed 60%!!! I knew how to do the problems but I ran out of time and to guess on a lot of them. I am scared to ask my school because I don't want them to judge me. I am scheduled tot take it again tomorrow morning. I have been studying a lot and I feel more prepared. But the time on the math scares me!

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  3. by   crazytonurse
    hello, I also have ADHD. Don't be afraid to speak to your school. They can help. At my school, you just need to fill out a form have your dr. do one as well. and then all the test are administered in the Office of Handicap and Accessibility, in a room by yourself. Although I haven't needed to go that route yet, cuz my dr. upped my dosage and I religously go into distraction blocking/breathing/ stretching before and after class mode before test. Although, if my test grades are not up to par, I will go that route. There is no shame in my game, when it comes to my grades.