Taking Physiology without Anatomy first?

  1. Due to circumstances I cannot take Anatomy this semester and would have to take physiology in the spring. It says it is recommended to take anatomy before physiology, so I'm wondering how hard would this be? I really need an A grade in Physiology, but I'm not sure if that is doable w/o anatomy first. Also, anatomy is only offered in Fall and physiology in spring, hence why I cannot take anatomy first. Thanks
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  3. by   DisneyNurseGal
    My school was like yours in that anatomy and phys were separate classes. I took Anatomy first, but my friend took phys first and when we studied together I never got the feeling like she was missing something. In anatomy you will learn muscle insertion and origin points which have nothing to do with phys. Learning specific muscles and bones won't help you either. I think if you have a broad overview of anatomy (which organs are in which system), and when you are in phys class and you are learning about digestion (for example) and you don't know where the duodenum is, you have to take the second to look it up!

    If it was 100% necessary to have anatomy before phys they would make it a pre-requisite. I think you will be fine!
  4. by   claritasd
    In a similar vein, does it seem like absolute suicide to take Anatomy and Physiology at the same time? I mean two separate classes, not AP1.
  5. by   starter12345
    And for Claire, what is your schedule like? Work? Kids?
  6. by   claritasd
    Work, no kids, planning to take 3 classes (either A and 2 others, or A, P, and 1 other).

    And sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread. Just figured it wasn't worth starting a whole new one.
  7. by   Alicia.Cheyanne
    At my school Anatomy and Physiology are too separate classes, and it is recommended that we take Anatomy first. I don't think it would be so bad to take them both at the same time. As long as you take easier classes along with them. Maybe try to take some of your General Ed. classes, like a fitness or english class, or whatever comes easy to you.
  8. by   swansonplace
    If you had a good biology background, I may consider taking it with anatomy first. For the most part I would not do it. Physiology is a course nursing students should really get down, so I would be reluctant to take it without anatomy first unless I knew I would be willing to put in the time to really get the information down. Physiology for me, really made my nursing classes easier as I like to understand what is happening in the body. It makes learning diseases easier.
  9. by   Get2theChoppa
    I took phys first with no prior knowledge of anatomy. I got in an A. You'll learn some basic anatomy along the way that will help you when you finally do take anatomy. You'll be fine.