Taking NET Thursday

  1. I am taking the NET this thursday. I have been studying from a guide I bought from the school, but I am still so nervous that I won't get into the program. Any tips on taking the test? Anyone remember how hard the test was, what is on it, etc.?
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  3. by   sp1nter
    I am sure you'll be fine i haven't taken it yet, but I have a couple of friends that said it was easy and they both did really well in it. Plus its just math and reading. Good Luck I'm sure you'll be fine
  4. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Good luck!! Tell us how it went......hard/easy, not necessarily pass/fail.

    If you studied using the Study Guide, I'm sure you'll do fine.
  5. by   NavyWife
    I haven't taken it yet either, I take it on Feb 5th. I am feeling the same way you are!! Keep studying the study guide....I think I have taken those math tests about 25 times and still cannot get an A! lol I am happy with my B though since when I first started it I was failing! Everyone keeps saying if you study the guide you will be fine. Best of luck to you!! Hopefully we both do well enough to get in!!