Taking micro and chem106b next sem. Yay or nay?

  1. This semester i'm taking biology 130 and chem 106A at a community college, both are introductory classes.

    For next semester i'm deciding whether or not to take micro(5 units) and chem 106b(4 units) together, i'll be using the same book for this chem class that i am using now. I hear some pretty bad things about how hard microbiology is. Do you guys think its a good idea to take micro with another science class that has a lab?

    Heres the classes i plan on taking next semester.

    Chem 106b 4 units
    Microbiology 5 units
    SPCH 101 3 units
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  3. by   Halinja
    I took two sciences together. It wasn't that bad. And it was a darn good thing I did. They were my last two prerequisites. The program I was applying to suddenly got way more applications than they expected. They only took the ones who had completely finished their prerequisites, even though there was another semester to go.

    Oops, almost forgot. One of them was micro
  4. by   mixyRN
    I have taken two science courses simultaneously also without any problems. Are you going to be working? If you plan ahead and set yourself up for success you should be just fine. Be sure to allow extra study time, structure a schedule and try your best to stick to it. If you manage your time well you should be able to handle it.
    I had also heard the horror stories about Micro but personally, I found it to be an enjoyable class. Lots of hard work, sure but totally do-able if you study and plan for your success. I ended up earning a 99% and my teacher made the class very challenging.
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  5. by   sam027000
    I would encourage you to take the two courses together. I took Micro and Chem together along with two other courses and didn't find it to be too much to handle. In fact, taking the courses together made it a bit easier to study b/c a fair amount of material reinforced that which was being covered in the other class. Like other posters I say go for it and get those prereqs out of the way. :spin: