Take other units whilst waiting for admission?

  1. Hi Guys, had a question regarding new admissions. I recently immigrated to US after marrying my sweetheart and am very interested in BSN. I am looking into getting an admission into Associates at a local community college, but can't seem to quite grasp how I'd be tested, I mean some colleges have wait lists, others have a criteria that assess your ability in terms of how capable you are, etc. I am 26 so I highly doubt they would accept my high school diploma from Britain (which was a concentrate in finance anyways) so what should I be expecting in this regard?

    I do know for a certainty I would have to take the four pre req classes... however is it possible to apply and stay on the wait list whilst I take those classes? Say, if I don't get into the program another semester in, can I still take other Nursing related classes (except for the fundamentals, of course) such as Anthropology, College Composition, Public Speaking, Nutrition, Psych, etc?

    Thank you very much for your time.
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  3. by   Jennie.K
    Not all community colleges have a wait list. You should start by speaking with the colleges in your area. After you find out the criteria for being accepted to the college, ask who you should speak with regarding the nursing program. Every school is different; however, usually you will need to be accepted to the college, take prereqs, then apply to the nursing program.

    You'll find more factual information through the colleges than here because programs vary.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   RNsRWe
    As Jennie said, ONLY the school(s) you are interested in can answer this competently for you. Anyone offering their advice or opinion on this forum is merely guessing....you need to be in contact with the school. Call and ask to speak to a nursing adviser.....set up an appointment to go over specifics for YOU.

    What someone else did has no relevancy for you; you are coming from a somewhat unique circumstance (foreign primary/secondary education). See what you need first-hand.

    And good luck
  5. by   Gilead86
    Thank you very kindly, I'll do just that. Much obliged. =)