Summer Pre Nursing School Advice

  1. Hello! I am starting a 12-month ABSN program at the end of August, and am lucky to have the next few months to pretty much do whatever I want.

    I know that once my accelerated program starts, it'll take up ALL of my time, so I want to find something that I can complete in a few months. Obviously, I could go the part time job at a coffee shop route, but I was thinking about doing something to help prepare myself for the nursing field.

    Would there be any benefit to getting any certifications ie. EMT, CNA, phlebotomy, etc. in the few months before I start school? Or, maybe I should focus my time volunteering at a hospital/hospice to get as much clinical experience as I can?

    I'm really excited to have so much free time this summer, but I have no idea how to use it most effectively!
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  3. by   Scientwist
    I was thinking Phlebotomy. And then CNA after my first semester. I've heard that being a CNA preps you for your first year of nursing.

    Congrats on getting in! I have a month wait for my response.
  4. by   nalie2
    I would volunteer at a hospital just to gain some experience and familiarize yourself with medical care. Since you were already accepted into a nursing program I wouldn't work on EMT or any other certification. I would use these months to relax, have fun, and see family and friends.
  5. by   OsceanSN2018
    Congratulations on the acceptance! I would definitely volunteer at a hospital. Also, look into whether you can become a CNA once you finish your fundamentals course. Most told me to do a CNA program before nursing school that would have costed me $1400, but instead I waited until after my 1st semester and it only cost me $60 for the examination fee!