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  1. Just looking around for some new studying tips and note taking tips. I have never been to good at either of them and although I usually do well in classes anyway, I know nursing school you cant just get by without studying and taking good notes. Any tips? I usually have a hard time picking out whats really important and what i dont really need to jot down
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  3. by   walke274

    When I am sitting in lecture, I write down EVERYTHING my teacher says (for the most part). For me, I really stay focused when I am writing notes constantly. I know that this may not work for everyone, as some people prefer to just "listen/hear" the lecture instead of writing a bunch of notes. I myself never really learn the material the best when I am in my actual lecture....most of my learning happens on my own away from class. ~ I like to write down the examples that my teacher's give too, as little cues to help me remember things when I study later on.

    Then when I'm studying at home I read my notes along with the text book (even if you peers state that they, "never read the text book") to help ingrain the message(s) in my mind. I also take additional notes (adding them to my original notes) when I am reading through the text book/assigned reading.

    A lot of my friends like to use flash cards. I don't do well with flash cards b/c I always feel that I spend more time making them than I actually use to study them afterward. ~ I just read and re-read, etc., my notes/book for the best testing and recall results.

    P.S. I've seen some kids in my class use tape recorders to record their teacher's lecture(s), so that they can listen to them again. <-- Not a bad idea. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  4. by   andreams
    I like using quizlet because I feel as if I'm studying as I'm typing the flash cards up. Plus I can review as much as needed. I also keep them separated by chapter which helps keep me organized.
  5. by   Nursingstudent93
    I used to do the flashcards but that didnt work too well with me either. I dont start school until September but I wanna get some good strategies going in. That makes me feel better that most of your learning happens on your own because I panic when I dint understand it right away. I will definitely keep in mind that reading the text with your notes is helpful. Ill have to keep quizlet in mind too! anyone have tips on staying organized as well? For example, do you use certain color highlighters for certain things? Separate folders for different things, etc...Im trying to go into this as prepared as possible!
  6. by   emily12345
    I take my own notes when reading the chapters. I use different colors to separate the sections. I use red for really important things like the layers of the epidermis. I read every day usually about 2-3 hours. This past week or so I've been putting in about 4-6 hours of studying due to an exam I have tomorrow. My professor gave us a study guide so I took the time to type up the answers. I then highlighted different sections in different colors just to break it up and study the pink or orange section for example. I also take practice tests online to see if I understand the chapter. One thing that really helps me is teaching it to others. I teach my mom and classmates some materials on how the nail is produced for example. If I can't teach them then I figure I don't know the material that well
  7. by   dsb_fam
    Let me preface this with the information that my first degree is a BS in Education. Do you know what your learning style is? You might not learn the same way as the previous poster. You can go to google and type in 'Learning Style test'. This will help you determine how you learn best. Below I listed the ways people learn:visual-spatial

    I am a visual-spatial learner. As a visual learner, I use images, pictures, color and other visual media to help me learn. I try to incorporate imagery into my visualizations. By having this knowledge, I can incorporate it into how I take notes during class and how I prepare for tests. I use mind maps and try to use pictures instead of text whenever I can. There is a ton of information out there on how to study and learn with your learning style. Hope this helps and I didn't just give you more infomation than you were asking for.

    As an aside, if I studied like many others, I would FAIL! I cannot look at text on flashcards and remember anything. I just can't process information that way.
  8. by   Nursingstudent93
    Thanks for the tips. I like the idea of being able to teach someone something that proves that you know it. And I'm gonna have to try that website! I think I am a visual learner too because flashcards do nothing for me!