Study Guide for CLEP CHEM, Spanish and Human G&D?

  1. Can anyone suggest a good CLEP study guide for Chemistry, Human Growth and Develpment and Spanish? Or a cheap textbook for these subjects?

    Any suggestions on a qucik review book for Pharmacology and Case studies for a student starting clinicals in early 2006?

    What other books should I get?
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  3. by   LKG6
    Quote from sunnyjohn
    Human Growth and Develpment? Or a cheap textbook for these subjects?
    I am taking Dev. Psychology this semester. This is our book:
    Development Across the Life Span by Feldman.
    I was supposed to buy the fourth edition, but I bought the third one because it was cheaper. My instructor told us that the two books are almost identical. It is a good textbook.