Stuck in between two careers

  1. Hello there! I'm such a complicated/confused person, as everyone told me. I have finished my prerequisites for RN and GED last year. My last semester was a pain in the butt. I've struggled so much with my classes especially the Physiology one. That time it changed my mind, I was thinking of taking Respiratory Therapy career and I like the scopes of their job. The prereqs in RT program are almost the same in RN with additional Chemistry, Speech, and College Algebra on the list.

    I was not satisfied with my prerequisite GPA at all for RN, it was bad...poorly bad (I already have one repeat and did retake the class). By January 2010, I applied to various community colleges that are eligible to my prereq GPA for ADN, I ended up to 3 colleges. Also, I submitted my application for my RT at a different community college. My plan was to take the first career whenever which "letter of acceptance" mail will arrive first.
    The same month, I was taking C.N.A program as my preference in nursing.

    A week ago, a got an accaptance letter for RT program Fall '10 and I was blessed. But at the same time, I was eager and nervous about getting an acceptance letter for RN, too. I was scared because of my prereqs GPA for RN, either they put me to a lottery or they shred my application packet. I haven't called them to notify my application status yet (can I actually do that?). I'm starting to lose hope here.

    What is the job market for RT now? is it low? not so much high demand?
    What do you think.. should I go for RT or cancel it?
    Any advices/suggestion, feel free to share!
    I want your voice to be heard.
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  3. by   MotivatedOne
    I was in a nursing program last semester and had a student who switched from the RT program to nursing. She was only 4 classes away from graduating from the RT program but convinced herself nursing was for her.

    I'd say do which ever makes you happy. If RT is a back up but isn't what you'd really want to do then you'd probably be miserable doing it and full of regrets. On the other hand, once you get into the classes and start learning more about what a respiratory therapist does you may like it more so than you would nursing.

    The RT's at my hospital make just as much if not more than the nurses. With nursing, in my opinion, you have more room to grow and there are more things you could do as an RN vs a RT. So that's something to think about. But if nursing is your true passion then I say it's worth the wait.

    Hang in there..."good things come to those who wait"
  4. by   tootsyroll
    @MotivatedOne thanks for the message! I'm hoping for the best things to come!

    I love both RN and RT careers. It is just really hard to get into RN program.