Stats ruining my life...and GPA!

  1. Hi everyone! I wanted a little advice from some nursing students who are possibly in the same dilemma as I am.

    I am currently waiting to hear back from two different nursing programs for the Basic BSN degree. I've already been rejected from CSU Channel Islands, but my CSU San Marcos nursing application has "moved on to the next level." I am still waiting to hear back from Sonoma State. I am praying I get in!

    Here's my dilemma: I am currently taking my Statistics math requirement and I am not doing well. I am studying SO hard and working my tail off for this class and I am pulling a 70% in the class! I don't know what to do...if I get a C in this class, its going to ruin my GPA and affect my scoring. If I get an F, I can retake the class for a better score, but then I have to wait a year to apply to the nursing programs again.

    This really sucks because I am a really good student and I work my butt off! I have been tutoring Anatomy, Physiology, Reproductive Biology and the CNA program at my school for two years. I am a licensed EMT and I have a 3.7 GPA. This Stats class is really making me doubt feeling like I belong in this field. Has anyone else felt like this or been in the position? What should I do? HELP!?
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  3. by   Compassion4Others
    Hi honeythetutor,

    First of all, I don't think you should let a silly little statistics class make you doubt whether or not your belong in this field; you belong in this field because you have genuine passion and compassion for helping other people.

    Now, to the crux of the problem. Have you tried speaking to your professor? Try explaining to him your situation and ask him if there is anything extra that you can do to raise your grade. Ask him if he has extra time outside of class, during which, where you can ask him questions about the material. Does your school have a math tutoring center? If it does, try going there and seeing if they have a tutor for statistics. You can also ask your other classmates if they want to form a study group, because then you'll see other people's approaches to answer the problems. Or you can try this program out, I thought it helped me visualize the concepts better and solve some of the difficult problems. I'm terrible with most things math intensive and math related, so I empathize with your plight.

    You can pass this class! Good luck!
  4. by   CnmAshley
    Talk to your professor about this!!! You need his/her help, if you're studying as hard as you say you are then there is a problem, and maybe the prof can help you. Never be afraid to ask for their help, that's their job!
  5. by   honeythetutor
    Thanks for writing me back!

    Here's the thing: I have a learning disability with abstract math concepts, so I already get help from my campus' DSPS office. I also get tutoring done when I can (the Math Lab is closed whenever I have free time). I cannot seek office hours help because my professor does not have them! I spoke with him about my grade and he suggested everything I have been doing. There is more I could be doing, but I myself am a tutor on campus 20+ hours a week and I take 13 units so I don't have a whole lot of time to commit to this class. It is really a bummer and I am not quite sure what I need to sacrifice at this point to earn my grade.
  6. by   lifelearningrn
    I understand your issue with understanding complex math, my dyslexia makes it quite difficult for me too. College Algebra was my downfall.. however, I found Stats to be quite doable, and actually pulled a very high grade.

    What is it you're having trouble with? One thing my teacher did was break it down step by step. Don't jump ahead and know what you're looking for with each step. You plug the numbers into the formula.. If I can help, let me know..
  7. by   honeythetutor
    Yeah, I definitely think its my teacher. In the beginning, he kept missing classes and we had 2 different substitute instructors who didn't know how to teach his material. It made it really hard to get the fundamentals and now he is having us do hypothesis testing and I just don't know what formula for what or why I am even doing it or what it all means! It's all so over my head!

    Thanks for offering your help! It's greatly appreciated!
  8. by   jdchisolm68
    I'm not sure how you've been studying stats but i've had several courses through the years and for me the best thing I did is to let go of trying to understand it..thinking too hard about math or stats didn't work for me...find a white board somewhere and write out problems over and over again...memorize got me through several organic chemistry and graduate level statistics...memorize, regurgitate and pass....your gpa will not be listed on your diploma or nursing license...
  9. by   prospectivepville
    Every pre-nursing student, or nursing student for that matter should check out this youtube channel It has really simplistic break downs for first year students. Without it I wouldn't be passing my Anatomy and Physiology 2, it helps with math too. It helped me bring my ACT score from a 22 to a 26 (my math portion was lacking). I hope this helps!
  10. by   karamarie91
    For my statistics class, I checked out Statistics Essentials For Dummies from my school library. Its everything you need in such a small book!

    Best wishes!
  11. by   honeythetutor
    Quote from karamarie91
    For my statistics class, I checked out Statistics Essentials For Dummies from my school library. Its everything you need in such a small book!

    Best wishes!

    I've been told that was a good book from an RN who said she had trouble with Stats too! I will check that out!

    Thanks for all the other suggestions! I will try those too!
  12. by   Hibbzem17
    thanks for that link prospectivep! looks like this could help with my own math troubles