1. I have one last semester to fill while waiting to enter the nursing program. I have completed all the pre-req's except for English Comp II, history, & government. I need one more class to fill the 12 hours required for student loans so I thought I would take statistics since I will most likely need it to complete my BSN. I am currently getting my ADN because it's cheaper. Anyway, I see that my community college is offering 2 different statistics classes. One has an additional developmental component to it that says it's for those going into healthcare that want to complete the course in one semester & has 2 separate classes that are 3 credit hours each. The other class also says it's for healthcare related degrees but is only a 3 credit hour class. Both of these classes have the same registration number and there is no follow-up class offered for those who don't take the combination class. Does anyone know what the universities require? I'd rather take as many classes as possible at the community college for $59/hour.
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  3. by   PediatricMA
    I would call or email which university you are looking into and see what they say. all colleges are different.