States with short wait times or enrolls twice a year?

  1. I was just wondering if someone had information on LPN-RN programs with the shortest wait times or colleges that take new students twice a year?
    Most of the colleges I have been researching only take students once per year? This makes the waiting time longer and continuously keeps chopping students.
    I'm willing to move to any state that has a decent low wait time or no wait list. What I don't mean by no wait list is a school that accepts the top 35 students and the rest have to reapply, so in this case there is no wait list. I mean a college that has a lower enrollment rate so if you have a good GPA then you can apply and get in.
    Does anyone live in a lower population State and have gone to nursing school? I'm not looking to cut corners as far as GPA, I'm carrying a 3.5 atm, it's just the program I'm near is still going to be 2 yr waiting
    Thanks for any help
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  3. by   BubbyBoogs
    I don't live in a low population state however, there are a lot of choices around here that except students twice a year. Are you going for a university or a community college? I live in the DFW me tropez in Texas.
  4. by   JMayRose
    Depends on community college or university and accelerated or traditional. I'm in Tennessee and will begin attending Lowenburg College of Nursing at University of Memphis in the spring. I know for the traditional program they accept twice a year... It's competitive but so far since my GPA has been high (including my science GPA) I have an Associates already and I'm taking my last 2 pre-reqs I've already been given a provisional letter of acceptance. I haven't waited at all other than this one semester to finish my prerequisites. (I should note I have my AS in Biology) maybe check it out!?