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Hey, I didn't see a thread for Mount Saint Mary University -spring 2018 ADN program so I thought I would start it. I recently applied and took my TEAS exam at MSMU. I was just wondering what... Read More

  1. by   JoCl89
    Dang M.R. you're so nice haha
    I think spring has 1 less class than we did.
  2. by   JoCl89
    Quote from Mlena1
    You'll hear from them... don't worry lol
    But they don't have Samantha like we did...
  3. by   mmn6807
    how do you access the web portal, I just received an email stating "welcome......" to leave a tuition deposit by the 11th, but don't know if thats an acceptance. btw congrats!!!!
  4. by   Mlena1
    that means you got in, congrats!! Call them and ask for your student ID.. otherwise, soon you should be receiving instructions to set up your portal.
  5. by   mmn6807
    thank you, I blocked my portal account, I didn't know what student ID they wanted for the security question because the email didn't contain one. on the phone with IT right now to fix it. I wonder how many people got in, my friend also got in, she went to the info session and she said it was empty only 12 people attended. I applied to GCC and since there were so many applicants they did lottery and I wasn't lucky enough to get chosen. But so thankful I got into MSMU! best of luck!
  6. by   oneiseleven
    Hello everyone & congrats! Do we register for our classes now or wait until after orientation?
  7. by   JoCl89
    Wait until orientation, they'll go over the classes you need for the first semester.
  8. by   madelinec
    You should have gotten a package in the mail with info about registering for classes.... it tells you which ones to enroll in.
  9. by   oneiseleven
    Have anyone notice that we only have 4 classes during Spring semester? I think it's because of them adding a summer semester to the program.
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  10. by   mmn6807
    do you get this package once you paid the 100$ depot? and how long after do you receive it? thank you.
  11. by   mmn6807
    when does school start? I haven't decided if I want to go to MSMU Im currently on a waitlist for a community college but they can tell me im in on the first day of school which starts February. Kind of stuck whether I should accept MSMU or take the risk of waiting for the community college.
  12. by   oneiseleven
    Quote from mmn6807
    do you get this package once you paid the 100$ depot? and how long after do you receive it? thank you.
    I paid my deposit the day received my acceptance letter/email (Nov 13th) & received my packet Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 25th). Orientation is next week on the 14th & school starts on Jan 8th
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  13. by   mmn6807
    January 8th? omg so soon!!!! wow LACC start February...I just wish I can find out if im going to get in or not...thanks for the info!