Spring '07 class, where were you accepted? - page 2

For those of you who just got accepted for Spring '07, what schools did you get acceptance letters from? What type of nursing program did you apply for? Congrats to you all!... Read More

  1. by   Roxy5558
    Ryan, I'm sure you'll get in! Mary Neville said that last time there were 5 out of district people that all had 91% and of course they all got accepted to schools closer to where they live so they didn't want their spots. So, since you're only #2 you have really good chances! When will you find out?

    l Wheat, Where are you doing your clinicals at?
  2. by   cali-nurse07
    I go accepted to Delta College in Stockton, CA. too!!!!! I was accepted into the LVN progam will start Jan. 16th 2007!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   heygirl
    I just received my letter yesterday, and I was accepted to Macon State College, ADN in GA. I am sooooooooooo excited. CONGRADULATIONS TO EVERYONE ON THEIR ACCEPTANCE.
  4. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    Quote from roxy5558
    i got accepted to delta college in stockton, ca. it's a community college. our semester starts on jan. 16, but we have a breakfast and some other things to attend before then.

    [font=franklin gothic medium]roxy!!! cool..i attend delta also..but i live in stockton..
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    [font=franklin gothic medium]nurse2b_amy..."amy":spin:
  5. by   panzyo3
    I got in at Lamar University in in Beaumont, Texas for the Spring 2007 BSN class.:hatparty:
  6. by   Roxy5558
    nurse2b_amy, Are you in the program already?
  7. by   turbohound
    Oh well
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  8. by   Roxy5558
    Congratulations Ryan! I was wondering about you the other day...I'm glad to hear you made it in. I figured you would!
  9. by   sitesonRN
    happy, happy, happy

    i got into the adn program at brookhaven, in dallas. just found out today.

    anyone else accepted to bhc?

    congrats to all!
  10. by   mom2dj
    I got into Ohlone, too!(CA Bay Area)

    I just registered for my classes today!