someone please help me

  1. Well next Monday I start 9 week program for P.C.T need to know what to expect had anyone else done such a short program my questions are, well i get a lot out of this? will I get a good job with short training? will it be to much to remember it all? when i do get a job will i get looked down on for doing such a short time when others have put in yrs into to this? i have so many more just cant think of them all right now but any info would be great thank you
    oh and 1 more thing is P.C.T a good field to get into ?
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  3. by   daniedi77
    Don't worry, its not all that difficult. Basically your job is to report any changes in the patient to the nurse and help take care of the patients basic needs i.e. helping use the bathroon/urinal/bedside commode, b/p,hr,pulse,blood sugars,baths, weighing,turning, things like that. Its not glamorous, but the patient will be greatful. It can be a heavy workload but you will get alot of experience if you plan on going into nursing. Good Luck. FYI, the course is short b/c it involves alot of basic things, but you will do fine.