So you think you're a good nurse?

  1. Hello all,

    I am new here and I am sure that most of you here are good nurses. It's not surpising to say that nurses have different difinitions or different ideas of what a good nurse is.

    I am not a nurse yet, but i would like to learn more from guys--for those of you who are already nurses or going to be ones, what qualities do you think you have or hope a real good nurse should have?

    In your own eyes, what exactly is a good nurse? What does he/she have to do in order to gain your trust/approval that he/she is truely a good nurse?

    Everyone is welcome to give comments/suggestions this thread!
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  4. by   fussy_lass
    I'm only a first year nursing student myself but I'd have to say that so far traits such as professionalism, respect, maturity, dedication, intelligence, and genuine concern for people are important to my idea of a good nurse. A good nurse works competently and professionally to improve, promote, or maintain the health and wellbeing of their clients, acting as their advocate.