so confused and somewhat freaking out

  1. so I was sure of myself when I registered for my classes but sudenly I am feeling a bit overwelmed and confused. Currently its the first week of class and I am enrolled in both Microbio and Physiology.... I did fine in Anat, and loved it....made a high B. Beforehand I took Bio 60 which is Human Biology, basically a mixture of Anat and alot of Anatomy was review, although it was a more thorough class. So I thought I could handle both Micro and Physiology this semester, but now I am not so sure.... I dont know if its a sudden lack of self confidence or the fact that everyone keeps warning me to drop a class because of the work load. Now I really dont know what to do. Here at my CC you can not get a W (withdrawling from teh class after a certain date) for the nursing prog and so I would have to take a low grade if it comes to that which would screw up my gpa and chances to getting into the prog....

    I was just wondering if anyone else is doing the same thing or has done it and has any advice. I am a good student, and plan on taping every lecture, but chemistry is not my strong point. I just dont want to make a quick decision and regret it later.

    oh yeah and at my CC MicroBio is 5 units // M-W 1:30-6:30 with a 30 min break
    and my Physiology class is also 5 units // T-Th 8:00-11:30 with a 30 min break

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  3. by   DesertRain
    Only you know what you are capable of so number 1-stop listening to what people tell you you can or can't do. I am a single mom with 2 young children and I am taking A&P II -2 lectures a week, 1 lab a week, Communications 2 lectures a week, Sociology 1 3 hour lecture a week, Medical Terminology 1 lecture a week, and full CNA program- (1 clinical 7am-3pm, 1 lecture and 1 lab a week) I am also studying for my NLN entrance exam to get into the nursing program. Aside from my A&P lab and Sociology class, I have survived the first week of school and I know it's going to be very rough this semester but I believe with all my heart that I will be able to handle this despite what all my friends and family tell me. Everyone seems to be thinking that I am overdoing it this sem, I don't have the luxury of taking 1 class at a time per semester--for one because I am not that motivated, I can't stay in school for that long, I would start slacking and also because of financial assistance etc, I have to at least have 12 credits per sem. I am also trying to get into the Fall RN program so that I can finish in 2 years. My mom wants to retire and is only staying on the job to help me out. So I really have to cram it all in. Am I brilliant, intelligent, smart etc?? No, absolutely not. But, I give it the best I got and hope for the best. You can do it, but if you start thinking negatively now you are setting yourself up for failure. Tell yourself you can handle it. Tell yourself you will do it and I guarantee you, you will.
  4. by   Jilaweez
    When I took physiology the three other people sitting at my lab table told me I was nuts when I told them I was taking a full course load with it..not to mention my 4kids and my job. They even advised me to drop all my other classes. I didn't...and I had a straight A semester. I am glad I didn't listen to them. If you think you can do it, you can. Of course the ideal situation would always be to focus on only 1 lab class at a time but that doesn't always work. It was a LOT of work but it's over and it all ended well. Good luck to you!
  5. by   MIKelly
    I personally couldn't do micro and physiology together, if I had a life outside of school (hubby, kids, work). Anatomy is easy, physiology is a lot harder! If you've gotten a look at the syllabuses and they seem overwhelming maybe you should drop one of them (dropping is allowed, even if withdrawal isn't, right?). If your acceptance into nursing school is going to be based on these grades, I would do what you need to do to excel in these courses. If that means doing them one at a time, I would. Do you have another course you need to complete that's easier? Like phys ed or a humanities requirement?