So close but not enough how did you cope?

  1. Okay so last semester I ended with an 88 in Micro and now in AP2 an 89.6 with 2 tests left. Anyone else that has been through this? So close to the grade you want but your hard work isn't enough. I'm really upset how did you cope with this?
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  3. by   rubato
    With an 89.6 and 2 tests left, why can't you get the grade you want? You could, feasibly, get an A in the class if you get an A on those tests. I was in that boat in both chemistry and A & P. I needed a 92/93 on my finals in those classes. I got a 96 on my chem final and a 94 on my A&P final! I studied my booty off, but those As were worth it. I wouldn't give up before I even got to the end.
  4. by   CinDRnyc
    Your right there is still a chance so I'm gonna go for it ! Thanks!
  5. by   Nurse2b7337
    Be encouraged you can make it!! The tests that you have left is the final included? I agree with the previous poster study until you can't anymore I believe you can do it because of your current average!!
  6. by   CinDRnyc
    There is a quiz and a unit exam so they are weighted differently. I'm gonna give it my all and hope its enough!! Thanks!! Taking 5 courses is hard but I'm applying to the BSN program nxt month so I have to do well!! I always put so much pressure on myself. In NS I will have to ease up it's just too stressful!!