SJR State Spring 2018

  1. Does anyone know how many seats there are? I know there's 36 for the Fall semester but i'm not sure if spring is any different. I know just Orange Park offers spring admission so i'm sure that makes it more difficult to get in! I took my HESI a2 yesterday for the first time and ended up getting a 96% on the english section and 98% on math. Does anyone know my chances of getting in with just my HESI score? My GPA is too low to be competitive. I just sent in my application yesterday. I'm hoping to find out by the middle of October! I'm so worried :c
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  3. by   Plewi007
    From what ive been told there are 36 seats for the OP spring semester. Also i applied with a 3.8 gpa and did not take the hesi and i was told that is a pretty competitive gpa. Your hesi scores seem pretty impressive so i would think that they would be competitive.
  4. by   khous
    Just dropping in! I applied to the program as well. Do you guys have an idea of when we will hear back. I'm super anxious lol and have you guys heard anything about the program in terms of like how the schedule works? Someone had said Monday-Thursday and sometimes Friday but I wasn't sure!