Should i drop patho or a basic class?

  1. Im a pre nursing student i need a 2.5 gpa and a test average of a 75 in order to pass a nursing class, my gpa as of now is a 2.9 and right now im failing patho my test average is a 59 i still have one more test which i have been studying for, and it is in two weeks, a lil history on that class, it use to be in the nurse program and then to many students were failing it so they put it as a pre nursing class, the patho class is a jr lv class and it is teh first time they put it in pre nursing, and my last test i got a 74. i think i can get a 90 on my next test and a 90 or better on my final, their are four exams which are 40% of my test average and my final is 30% and im sturggling in a other calss right now basic which is super simple. first exam i got a 74. and third exam i had a family emerancy with my sister, which the primaly care provider for, i got a 55, and test 3 i just had on monday i got a 63 i had another family emerancy with my sister and father, i dont knwo what to do, in skills their are only 3 examsn and one final, in the final i need to at least get on 90 to get the 75 test average, i think i can do it, and if i do drop one of these class i have to wait until next spring to take it. i really dont want to do that.this semster has been hell for me, my sister has is a 26 but has the intelgence of a one year old, she is my life, she has beein having seziurs a lot this past month and the end of last month, i could really study for this class since iv been busy being a brother and right now im just having panic attack with nursing i really want to become a nurse and help family with speical needs children, im a firm believer in God iv been praying everyday for strength, but idk what to do anymore, im getting really depress right now, worreid about my sister and my father, who is blaming a lot of the recent accdent that have happen to my sis on himself, i dont if i should drop or try to stay and get those 90s, and pray that i get into nursing school. my back up plan is to go to a community college get my rn licence then do RN TO BSN online. but i hear that is a bad idea, im just so scared i thought i could do this. but idk anymore,should i try and aim for those 90s i need? iv done every other assessment in my class should get a b in them if i get my test average to a 75. the last day to drop is on the 13 of this month, im so scared, and my final for skills in in may. my adviser told me to drop one class and focus on my other two nursing classes. i am also goin to quite my job.
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  3. by   pixiestudent2
    I'm sorry I hope things get better for you
    I don't know what I would do if I was in your position.
    good luck!
  4. by   wolph
    Thx sali22, i think im goin to go for it, its goin to be hard but idk, I'm so scared, my advioser gave me the look like your goin down. my patho class started off with 100 ppl now its down to 25.
  5. by   dragonfly414
    I'm sorry to say but fear your advisor may be right. I'm not sure about your school or the level of competition to be admitted to nursing, but where I am Cs in prerequisites will not get you into a nursing program. Although many programs say they require a "2.5 gpa and a C or better in prerequisites", in most places nursing programs are so competitive that meeting the minimum requirements for admission probably will not get you in.

    My best advice is to speak with a nursing advisor if you have not already. Ask them what the applicant pool tends to look like. If the students they accept tend to have a 3.0 gpa or higher with Bs or higher in their prerequisites, you should definitely get out while you can. If they say people are admitted with 2.7 and the occasional C, forge ahead if you know you can finish up strong. A withdrawl probably will not affect your gpa, but a D sure will. Make sure you know what your chances of getting in with the cards your currently holding are before you continue down the path assuming you'll be accepted.

    There is NOTHING wrong with attending a community college and then completing an RN to BSN. Whoever told you that is a bad idea is simply giving you bad advice. I'm not sure I would complete the RN to BSN completely online, but I don't particularly care for too many online courses. Many community colleges in my area have such great programs people are on two year waiting lists to get into them. While there are some important parts of a BSN, there are also many extra unnecessary classes involved with a BSN. These are commonly referred to as "fluff" courses for nursing students.

    Lastly, it might be a good idea to speak with a counselor at school. Student services/counseling offices are usually very good support systems for students in crisis. You need to find a way to take care of yourself or else you surely will not be able to help anyone else. Hope things turn around for you!