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So..why does your current job suck and what do you hope will be different about nursing? I'll go first. I got a degree in Psychology, and worked in research for 2 years, went to law school for a... Read More

  1. by   Britt711
    My current job doesn't necessarily suck, its just not for me. Its not challenging enough. I joke that I am getting dumber the longer I work here I have been here 7 years, and at one point I felt this was where I belonged. I no longer feel that way.

    I feel nursing is the best for me because I want a career where I can actually help people and make a difference. (I know that sounds really corny, but thats how I feel!) My goal is to become a l&d nurse. When I had my daughter 6 months ago, I had the best nurses, and I want to help women like they helped me. Plus what could be more rewarding than helping bring a child into the world. I also know with nursing, you are constantly learning new things and dealing with new challenges, so this perfect for me!
  2. by   Gurmo
    Quote from DTCC PreRN
    For me, it's the sedentary lifestyle I want to get away from. I work as a recruiter and sit on my toosh all day.

    Pay is great and I even get to work from home twice a week. But, I don't like being behind a desk.

    I want to be around people and constantly learning.
    Pretty much how I feel. I'll actually be taking a pay cut right now as a entering nurse but I'm thinking that the satisfying job experience will be much higher. I'm bored and not at all into "software development" anymore after 8 years of doing this.
  3. by   PadawanLearner
    My job doesn't really suck...okay I lied, it does, but it's a job. I sort of fell into it while working for the company while in college and for lack of better options just stayed. Eight years and two relocations later I've had enough. There has to be more to life than worrying about meeting a budget, right?

    The gods are not without a sense of humor. I started off college wanting to go to medical school then switched half-way through and received a BA in Psychology. Now I'm working my way towards being a nurse. If I knew ten years ago what I know now...ah well.

    Good luck, ya'll.
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