Science before TEAS

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    I am enrolled at CC taking some of my prereq classes.I need to take the TEAS test but there is a science section in the test. Although the school I am thinking about does not require that you have any science classes before you enroll (direct entry RN ASN program) I am wondering if I should still take my science classes before trying to the teas test. This would be not only to have the best possible scores on the test itself. This will also cut down the classes that I will need to take once addmited in the nursing program. It is also cheaper to take them while I am cc.The only catch is that If I wait I will not even be able to apply until late sometime in 08. The school does except students 3 times a year but I could possible get in earlier. At the same time school does not come easy for me and it takes twice as much time and work for me then the average student to achive good grades. What do you think?
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