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  1. Anyone out there recently have an interview w/ Samuel Merritt College for the ELMSN- Case Management program?? I have one on Mar 5th and would love to hear how it is set up and any tips or feedback. Thanks so much- Rachel
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    Hi new and potential Samuel Merritt students! I am a current student in the Sacramento ELMNS-FNP program (1/2 way through third semester). I thought I would post and say hello. I remember how stressful it was prior to getting your acceptance and I know you have many questions. During first semester they establish a mentoring program of sorts and assign a number of students to a fourth semester student who (in theory) will help guide you through your subsequent semesters. If anyone is interested I am willing to help prior to that time. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM me and we can get in contact via phone or e-mail. Good Luck!
  5. by   Rianna1
    Hi Nodean,
    I just applied to the Sacto FNP track, last minute decision. I was told I would either be considered a candidate or get wait listed. Just wondering what your first semester was like? Like were you in classes all day certain days and then in clinicals all day other days? I have two small children and curious to know how our schedules will have to adjust, just in case (here's hoping...)
    Also, did you work part time or are you working now? I know everyone says you shouldn't work...but student loans can only go so far...
    One last question, when are you able to take the NCLEX?
  6. by   BerkeleyMom
    Hi there,

    I am in my first semester of the ELMSN-FNP (OAK) and I also have 2 little ones. I really do not think it would be possible to work. Because it is 17 units, something already needs to get sacrificed, and sadly for me, that has been time with my children in addition to not being able to complete all of the reading. ... I am not even sure when I would work if I decided to.

    However, I do think anything is possible if you believe it is, have the resources you need, and the support to get you through it. As of now our schedule is as follows, 12 hours of class, 6 hours of lab, 8 hours of clinicals, so that is 26 hours total. In addition to that, it is expected that we will put in 2 times - 3 times the hours study time outside of the classroom. ... I am lucky if I can get in 10-15, but am also finding that that is enough for me.

    Most people are offered plenty of loans, especially if you have dependents. We are eligible to sit for the NCLEX in 15 months from our start date.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Hi Berkeleymom,
    Thanks for your info! That really helps! Did you mean 10-15 hours of study time? My classmate from Micro and Phsyio is in your class. Her initials are RF. maybe you know her...
  8. by   Wikireader
    Hey guys,
    has anyone went through the ELMSN program interview, either CM or FNP track?
    What questions would they ask? That would be so helpful if you could share your experience, please, here or PM...
    thank you so much in advance
  9. by   rkirani
    hi i have interview next week for CM program. i m nervous about it. can you tell me little bit about the interview? is it individual or group interview? what type of questions do they ask? thanks.