Samuel Merritt BSN Fall 2018

  1. Hey All! I applied to SMU for the 2018 Fall BSN program. Just wanted to create this to see if anyone's gotten a confirmation email or (possibly) even heard back! Plus, I figured this could serve as a good outlet for my checking my email incessantly!
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  3. by   Carolraffa
    Hello! I too applied for Fall, haven't heard anything back yet. I know we are supposed to find out the decision by mid March! Hopefully we will be meeting each other in the Fall!
  4. by   mantia123
    Hi! I've also applied for the BSN Fall 2018 program. One of the counselors I've talked to said we'll be hearing back on March 15th. I haven't heard anything back about my application except for the email saying they received my application. Has anyone else gotten any other emails?
  5. by   Carolraffa
    May I ask when you got the email saying they received your application?
  6. by   Fingers are crossed
    Yeah I didn't receive that email either. The only emails I have received have been referring to the top 5 questions asked and also the live chats.
  7. by   mantia123
    I submitted my application the day before the due date and I got the confirmation email about a week and a half later. I've also gotten that same email about the top 5 questions and the livechats
  8. by   mantia123
    Just curious,
    If you applied to other schools where did you apply if you don't mind me asking? Also what school are you transferring from?
  9. by   Fingers are crossed
    I'm transferring from BCC and this is my only school (so far). You?
  10. by   mantia123
    I currently go to SF state and i've applied to the nursing program there, east bay, USF and at SMU. Also did anyone receive an email from Shawna this morning?
  11. by   Carolraffa
    I received the email this morning as well
  12. by   Fingers are crossed
    Me too!
  13. by   mantia123
    Have you guys finished all of your prerequisites yet? Or do you still have some in progress right now?
  14. by   Fingers are crossed
    I've finished mine, you? Also, did anyone else receive the admissions email regarding completion of the preliminary round?