Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2016 Cohort

  1. Hey Everyone!

    I've used this forum for quite a while to get a point of reference on how competitive I am to eventually obtain offers of admission to several nursing programs throughout the country.

    One of the programs I really want to get into is Samuel Merritt's ABSN! Being that I have not seen any threads for those of us applying to SMU for the Summer 2016 Cohort, I thought I'd start one since the application deadline has passed (unless they've extended it passed the original app deadline of 9/1/15).

    Let's stick together through this nerve wracking process, get to know one another, share some stats, experiences, and key information as it arises.

    Degree: BS in Health Sciences, Pre-Clinical Option at CSU East Bay in progress and projected to graduate March 2016.

    Average GPA (Last 60 Semester Credit Units or 90 Quarter Units): 3.90

    Cumulative Undergraduate GPA:
    Current is 3.39

    Average Science GPA (prerequisites only): 3.58

    Microbiology: A
    Anatomy: A
    Physiology: A
    Chemistry: C+

    TEAS Adjusted Total Individual Score:89.3%


    TEAS Math: 96.7%

    TEAS Science: 87.5%

    TEAS English: 90.0%

    Key Work/Volunteer Experiences: I currently work at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Mental Health Administration in Palo Alto, CA for over a year and a half, and I volunteer at the Emergency Department of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Leandro, CA (over 150 Hours worked and counting).I hope to hear from the rest of you, and good luck to all those who have applied or plan on applying!

    Other Programs Applying To: Samuel Merritt University ELMSN-Case Management, University of San Francisco MSN-CNL, University of San Diego MSN-CNL, CSU Los Angeles ABSN, CSU San Marcos ABSN, CSU Northridge ABSN, CSU Stanislaus ABSN, Western University of Health Sciences MSN-E, CSU East Bay BSN, University of Colorado-Denver ABSN, Rush University GEM, and potentially a few others.
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  3. by   guest2016

    Thanks for starting this thread. I too applied to the ABSN program for summer 2016 (Oakland campus).

    Not much for us to do right now other than wait. But it's nice to see another friendly prospective student face!
  4. by   NurseKO93
    Hi Lostasia! No problem. Thanks for joining in! Gotta love the waiting game . After reviewing prior cohort posts, it doesn't look like we'll hear anything until February? Did you apply to other programs too?
  5. by   guest2016
    February, huh? I had been told by SMU that we won't get a decision until March for the Oakland campus. It looks like last year applicants for Oakland heard back around the first week in March.

    I've also applied to other Bay Area programs like SFSU, but not as many as you've applied to! That must have been a huge effort to get all those applications in.
  6. by   guest2016
    Just FYI they really are processing applications right now. I am in the midst of an administrative hassle about one of the pre-requisites that I had cleared (twice!) previously, but they are now questioning. Sigh. It's frustrating and very bureaucratic. Wish me luck!
  7. by   NurseKO93
    Oh that's right. I opted for the April (San Mateo) cohort as my first choice and May (Oakland) Cohort as my second choice since the dean of admissions mentioned the April one has been traditionally less popular, and I wanted to increase my chances. If I get into the April Cohort, I may consider inquiring about switching to Oakland and seeing what happens, but I'm fine with going to either campus.

    Thanks for giving an update on what they're doing with our applications. Did they reach out to you specifically about your prereq issue or did they tell you upon your inquiry on your application status? I wish you the best of luck, and I hope they don't make this issue a bigger deal for you.
  8. by   guest2016
    Hey there,

    They reached out to me to tell me that my application could not be processed. If you don't hear anything, and it's marked as verified in NursingCAS, I would imagine that you're fine.

    I was able to resolve it only because I had notes from a prerequisite clearance meeting with another admissions counselor, who had approved the course. But it was at the bottom of my shredding pile, so I'm very glad I never got around to actually doing the shredding!
  9. by   Nurse2bKayXO
    Hello all! I applied for the November 2015 cohort and got wait-listed, and about a month or so after getting that email, they offered me a spot for the January cohort, but to save money before the program starts, I chose to start at the San Mateo campus in April. I'd be happy to answer any questions! Good luck to those waiting.
  10. by   NurseKO93
    @lostasia that's such a relief! That's good they were willing to work with you by allowing you to get that document to them. Happy belated Thanksgiving btw!

    @NurseKayXO CONGRATS and thanks for joining in on the thread! It's relieving to know from you and also from other SMU threads that SMU admissions really tries to get you into a cohort especially if you're wait listed. I hear you on the saving money part. I'm pretty apprehensive about the cost of the program, but I think it'll be well worth it in the end. One of the nurses where I volunteer at went through the program after a career change + four kids and had nothing but good things to say about it. Are you currently working in healthcare or making the change from another field? Just wanted to see what kind of experiences you had to help you get in.
  11. by   NurseKO93
    Anyone else receive an email that they need to fill more spots in their ABSN starting this January (next month)? Too bad I don't finish my BS until March, or else I would've jumped on it. If you didn't receive an email, I'd call their admissions office and inquire if you have your Bachelor's degree + all prerequisites completed or will be completed by the end of this month.
  12. by   Nurse2bKayXO
    Hi KO_1219, thank you!

    I actually wasn't even aware that they did that, I was preparing my application for next cohort when I got the good news. I definitely would've started sooner as well, but I have bills to pay so starting in April definitely made more sense to me. I actually got into the USF program but was apprehensive about it because of its 100k price tag and length of the program. I decided to just decline that offer and try to get into SMU's program since its a tad bit cheaper and the length is extremely shorter. I definitely agree that it'll be worth it in the end - at least that's what I'm telling myself! That's great that you've gotten positive reinforcement about the program from others that have already gone through it - I hear it's hard, but definitely rewarding. Kudos to the nurse for doing it with four kids!

    As for my own experiences, I worked as a caregiver for a little less than a year at a senior assisted living center. I also did a lot of volunteer work with Stanford Hospital and the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital (over 2 years), with some extra extended volunteer work at a food pantry in the peninsula (about a year on and off). I actually applied to the BSN program as a transfer from SJSU but didn't get in, so decided to finish my degree in Child and Adolescent Development and try for the ABSN - definitely worked in my favor. I don't currently work in health care right now, I work in hospitality at a hotel in SF, but it's definitely paying the bills while I wait for the program to start!
  13. by   SFnursetobe12
    NurseKay, did you recently apply to USF and get accepted? I'm waiting for my denial/acceptance letter now
  14. by   Nurse2bKayXO
    Hi futurenorcalnurse,

    No I did not recently apply - I applied around 2013-2014. I hope you get it in! Good luck!