Ryerson or Humber?? Help!

  1. I've been accepted to Ryerson and I've applied to Humber but haven't heard from them yet. But I'm just wondering which school school I choose should I get accepted to Humber also. Help please!
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  3. by   Kamimel
    Think about it, both Ryerson and Humber have excellent programs. Ryerson has good theory clinical mix while Humber I've heard has ALOT of clinical hours. Ryerson is in the city. Ryerson has university professors, HUmber has college professors. Humber has less of a selection of electives Vs. a university. I'm going to Ryerson in Sept 2011. I've researched these forums (you should to) and compared Ontario programs, and they helped me make this decision. I really like the way Ryerson sounds to me Maybe see you in September?
  4. by   studentnurse9
    My clinical professor actually works at Humber but I'm at Ryerson lol. She thinks that our program is better and prepares us more :P
    In terms of professors, in nursing I don't think there's "better" profs in terms of schooling, @ humber they would have their masters and be in the process of getting a phd while at ryerson they have a phd already (most do, but not all). I think what really matters is their experience. I adore my clinical teacher and she doesn't have a phd, yet she's taught me more than some of the ryerson instructors. But I would still go with Ryerson, just because of the electives. If you're going to get stuck taking Liberal arts courses you're going to want to do something that actually interests you, and ryerson has about 100 to choose from while colleges (getting this from students @ gbc) have 10-15? The clinical hours at Ryerson are also excellent and I don't think they can be beat. In first year you only get 2 months of clinical, but starting in second you're in the hospital 2 days a week, ALL YEAR. In third year I believe its for an entire semester and fourth year is like the entire year lol. So good luck in choosing, its a tough choice but I'm sure you'll love nursing either way It's very rewarding. Oh and be prepared- nursing school is way harder than a normal undergrad course. You have 7 courses/semester versus the regular 4-5. I'm in first year and my 17th essay is due tomorrow, if you can imagine