Rio Salado vs. Clovis for A&P

  1. Just looking for opinions.

    I took A&P and Micro back in 1994 and 1995 and did well, but the classes are obviously old and even if I could find a school that took them, I need to get back the lost knowledge.

    I have heard Rio Salado's A&P midterms and finals are killer, but Rio Salado offers Micro and Clovis does not, so I kind of want to take all 3 at the same place.

    Any opinions on either course - regarding delivery, etc...

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  3. by   mmt4
    I can't edit so I am making a correction here - Clovis does offer Micro - the course must be full and not showing up on the online course lookup, but it is on the pdf schedule of classes. I stand corrected.

    I think I am going to go with Clovis as it does not require proctored exams and I think I remember seeing Rio Salado requiring General Biology as a recent course (I took it in 1993).

    I see there are some people in the A&P Fall 2009 thread taking Clovis classes so I will just follow you on there. I might even register for A&P1 at the last minute for the fall if I can manage it. The other night there were some spaces left. So, either way I will be reading the thread, if not contributing to it.