Rejection with an almost perfect score. Is it normal like this?

  1. Application rejected with a perfect score due to documents failure to open, no contact. Appeal failed. Department doesn't care. No try to fix the problem.I was rejected during this month with a high score of 90 points according to the school's multi-criteria screening system. I don't want to mention the school. I just want to ask everybody, do you really think it's reasonable, and fair for the school to reject an applicant without any contact? What will you do if you were in my situation?
    Let me tell you the story first.
    I have bachelor degree, which is worth 10 points; I have a GPA of 4.0 for general education classes, which is worth 10 points; a GPA of 4.0 for prerequisites which is worth 40 points; and then my HESI score is 91.6, which earns me another 30 points. Totally, I have 90 points. I took all of the classes in the same school and right now I am still taking classes. I applied on 08/18/17. The application was online. It asked me to upload my Bachelor degree unofficial transcripts and the other transcripts before I submitted the application. I remembered very well, I had to upload all the required documents so that I could submit, otherwise there would be a notice reminding me to do that and I couldn't click the button of submit. I uploaded three times the college transcripts because at first I saw that I had two of them and thought that I made a mistake to upload an extra one so I deleted it but then the system asked me to upload again. I figured out that the two transcripts were for two different purpose, one for general classes the other for prerequisites, so I uploaded again. I did check all the documents before submission and all the documents were visible. And all the documents were in PDF, the required format. During the process of online application, I met several questions and asked my friend and I even made a call to the nursing department. Finally, I finished it and submitted. I got a confirmation email right away.
    On 10/03/2017, I saw people say that they got the emails notifying them to make counseling appointment but I didn't get it. I waited until the second day to call the nursing department and didn't get any useful information. I went to the department to check what exactly happened and got the answer was that they couldn't open my documents. They didn't show me what "couldn't open" meant, all of the staff I contacted told me that. I tried to contact the chair of the nursing department, hoping to see her in person but failed. I wrote emails to them and they replied with cold rejection.
    Yes, I know there was a notice saying any documents can't be opened would result in rejection. But I still have questions. Is it really fair to do so? I didn't see any warning about what kind of documents may result in failure to open in their system. I didn't see any way of verification after submission. When I was there, the staff asked me to call them to check before the deadline next time when I reapply. Do you think it's a normal way for a department to admit new students? I did everything as required: uploaded PDF, submitted application online, my points were very high. But, without knowing anything, I was rejected like this and when I wanted to talk with them, nobody cared.
    I appealed to the upper division after that. And the results was, they asked their IT worker to try the system as an applicant, and they uploaded their documents. After that, they could open the documents so their conclusion is the system is perfect. They tried my documents, but the documents were empty! Both of my college transcripts were empty. So their conclusion is, it is my fault. I don't know why my documents were empty because the department said they couldn't open them. And the system wouldn't allow me to submit the application without the documents. I would never forget to upload them. I just downloaded the documents from the school's website for the application. This mistake would never happen to me.
    PS: their staff told me that it might be caused by my Macbook because their system sometimes can't read documents from Macbook. But I have never seen any notice of this. The applying website even tells the applicants that they could upload pictures of the documents from their Iphones and Ipads if they don't have PDF formats! If there is really this potential problem of Apple computers, should they notify the applicants on their website? And they said there were a lot of applicants rejected like this. So that means they know the problem, but they didn't try to fix the problem either by technology improvement or by effort of the staff. An extra notice of Apple computers' could fix the problem. Or they could contact the applicant with an email requiring them to provide documents within a time limit. They did nothing. Their rejection emails wouldn't tell you anything. You will have to go and ask them why. If my points were only around 70, I might have never gone and asked why. I did everything as required, but still got rejected. How should I know what would happen next time?
    What I want to say is, without any effective way for the applicants to verify the documents after the application, is it really a justified way to reject an applicant like this? Normally, if a department wants to use a working system, should it be their job to make this system as perfect as it could be? But this system, including the technology and staff, is apparently full of problems. If you were me, what would you do? Should I just accept the rejection and reapply next year?
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  3. by   Toadette
    It sounds like the school's decision stands, based on what you said. When you apply again, can you call and comfirm that all your documents have been received and the staff are able to open them?