Re-Applying to a Nursing School: Use Same Prof for LoR?

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    I was waitlisted earlier this year for an ABSN program that started last July, one that ultimately did not offer me admission due to filling all their seats. This school requires 3 letters of recommendation (LoR). I am applying once again to this school for 2011 and would very much like to request a recommendation letter from the professor that wrote me one for this same school last year. I have no doubt that he wrote a great one for me and will do so again (I took A&P 1 and 2 with him and got A's) but I just have a minor (perhaps irrelevant) concern about using him again for re-application. Will it look funny/bad for my application if I am using him again? He's pretty much going to say the same thing he said last year I think. What can he do that's new? The school application does ask whether I have previously applied, when and for what program so I assume they would have access to my file from last year? Dunno.

    As far as the other two LoRs, I will be requesting them from my micro professor (whose course I had not taken yet when I applied a year ago) and one from the director of volunteer services at the hospital where I volunteer who has directly observed my work on a weekly basis for the last 18 months. Last year, I used one from the chairperson of my volunteer service (no doubt a good one, but she's now on leave) and one from a director who has known me in my non-nursing job for a few years now (semi-supervisory role. I am sure she also wrote a nice one but in hindsight I think it did not have too much weight on my application to a nursing school, which is why I have opted this year instead to use 2 academic references and 1 from the hospital).

    Hoping I can get a response soon, as I am planning on going to campus tomorrow morning (Monday) to see these professors during their office hours.

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    Anyone? Was hoping for feedback before the morning, thanks in advance!
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    OK, no takers. Never mind my request. I decided for myself that I would ask him for another recommendation, and he was very happy to oblige. I'll just take a chance that this repeat recommender thing won't be an issue. He's going to use most of the same info as last year but he will spin it a little differently with recent info.

    Request mods close this thread as I don't need any more feedback on this. Thanks!
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    Thread closed per OP's request.