Quinnipiac University ABSN 2018

  1. Hey everyone! Thought I would start a thread for Quinnipiac's ABSN program starting in fall 2018. Looking forward to hearing from other applicants!
    I visited the campus last month - it's beautiful!
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  3. by   jenhopefulrn
    Hi thanks for making this thread, I was hoping someone would! i have been to 2 information sessions for the fall 2018 absn program and I'm freaking out because this is the only school I can apply to for next year seeing as though I dont have the prerequisites for the other programs. Quinnipiac is honestly my dream school though so hopefully I get in. How are your stats?
  4. by   Paula0211
    I am also applying with QU as my 1st choice.
    A&P1 - A
    A&P2- B
    MICRO- C+
    PSY- A
    NUTR- A
  5. by   jenhopefulrn
    Your stats are really good ! Mine are
    A&P 1 A-
    Stats A
    doing micro now and I have an A right now
    And A&P2 in the spring. I work at 2 hospitals, 1 adult and one pediatric ICU so I have experience. But I'm just really worried because my undergrad GPA is only 3.0 ☹️ That scares me a lot
  6. by   Paula0211
    Thanks but I'm really worried about my prerequisite grades. I graduated summa cum lauda 3.9 with my bachelors of public Health
  7. by   jenhopefulrn
    They require a C and u have one C+. I understand u being scared but I don't thibk you should be. Based on what they say at the info sessions, they don't expect perfect candidates. Just make sure your essay is strong and your letter of recommendations are good too. With that undergrad gpa and the grades you have, u have a good shot of getting in
  8. by   brianalynn
    Hi. I applied for this coming Fall 2018 also. I am graduating this month with a bachelors degree in Public Health hopefully with honors. My pre req stats off the top of my head are:
    A&P 1-B-
    A&P 2-B

    I am also a CNA and just got a job at Yale New Haven Hospital. I work for a home care agency also and worked at CT Hospice. I have experience as a CNA.

    I hope to hear from everyone else, and good luck to everyone!
  9. by   brianalynn
    I am in the same boat. A lot of other schools require other pre reqs and I do not meet the requirement. QU is also a dream nursing school for me!
  10. by   jenhopefulrn
    Same here
  11. by   jenhopefulrn
    Yea. Quinnipiac is the only one I will have all the prerequisites done in time for. Has everyone sent in their applications already?
  12. by   jenhopefulrn
    U have the grade requirements so you should be ok. All the best!
  13. by   brianalynn
    I stared my application. I just have to wait for my final grades to post and I will send that to them. It will be done by January 2nd!
  14. by   jenhopefulrn
    I just finished my microbiology class with an A. Only have a&p2 left to be done in spring. Hopefully that doesn't hinder me since I'm not done yet