Question about credits transferring from BA to BSN?

  1. Hi everyone, I am currently a junior at a university in Florida and my major is in Communications. I only have one year left to finish this particular degree. Well, I've recently taken an interest in Nursing and found that I would only need to complete about 3 prerequisite courses to eligible for the Nursing program. So, in approximately one year (considering I am admitted) I would be able to begin the Nursing program in the Fall of 2010. I still want to complete my degree in Communications during this year (Because, I've already put so much work into it, I'd hate to completely abandon it) along with the prerequisites, before I'd begin the Nursing program. Anyway, my question is this: If I do get my BA in Communication by the end of Summer 2010, will all of my lower level credits still be able to transfer towards a BSN? Or am I being way too ambitious for my own good?? lol. I don't have to take all of those classes over, right? I know I should probably ask the institution that I am attending ;P, but it's late and I just wanted to know if any others have had any experience doing something like this. Thanks!
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  3. by   Stephanie K
    I have a BA in psychology and I'm doing my pre-reqs for my BSN. It's about 17 credits that I needed to pick up and then I'm going into the program!! Is it a accelerated second that you're looking into? If so, you need to have your bachelor's first in any disipline! You shouldn't have to re-take lower level courses again unless there's any pre-reqs you haven't yet fulfilled!

    Like you mentioned though, talk to the school you're looking into to see what else you need and exactly how long the wait is. I looked at my prereqs and figured I'd be in by Fall of 2010 too but with the wait I can't start until Fall 2011 :-/